Top Podcasts We Love

Top Podcasts We Love

Do you know one of our favorite ways to keep mindfulness a part of our daily routines? With top podcasts we love! So, which podcast is at the top of our list at the moment? Lately, we have been hooked on Untangle: Mindfulness for Curious Humans.

Introducing Untangle

The hosts of Untangle, Patricia Karpas and Ariel Garten, release new episodes of their podcast every Tuesday on a variety of listening platforms. Patricia Karpas has decades of experience as a professional interviewer and passionately covers a wide variety of topics. As co-host of Untangle, Patricia hopes to encourage individuals to open their hearts and minds to the possibility of change, growth, and wellness. Co-host Ariel Garten has extensive knowledge and background in the neuroscience field. She is the founder of Muse, a brain-sensing headband to assist users in their journey to meditation through continuous feedback. Garten blends her love of wellness, technology, and neuroscience through her products and her teachings on the Untangle podcast.

What They Discuss

Untangle touches on topics related to mindfulness, healthy practices, life, leadership, and a bunch of other topics related to navigating life through mindfulness. It’s not uncommon to hear from authors and experts in the field of health and wellness including neuroscientists, nutritionists, doctors, sleep experts, Buddhists, and many more! Whether you’re looking to improve habits, find balance and clarity, sleep tips, or cultivate creativity, Untangle has an episode that is right for you. This is one that you won’t want to miss on your Tuesday morning commute! Untangle is streaming on all major listening apps, such as Apple and Spotify.

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