Our treatment philosophy is based on the premise that addiction is not a simple disease with a one-size-fits-all treatment regimen, but rather a culmination of habitual choices that affect all systems in the body: physical, mental and emotional. Our strong psycho-educational program helps people understand how the cycle of addiction works and allows them to free themselves from it. We educate our clients with a research-based, scientifically grounded curriculum designed to illuminate the mental and emotional processes that work behind the scenes in all addiction, and we don’t label or judge our clients as “addicted” or “broken” because we truly believe everyone has the potential to live a healthy and happy life.

Why do we recommend outpatient treatment?

Too frequently we have seen clients seem to blossom in a residential setting, only to crash once the harsh realities of the outside world are upon them once again.  Until a client returns to their real life and is able to integrate what they have learned with their own daily routine, true recovery has not taken place.  Research shows that an increased length of time in treatment directly correlates with higher success rates, so we offer a gradual step-down from partial hospitalization (full day treatment), to intensive outpatient treatment (part time), down to outpatient level of care in order to provide consistent support to our clients as they return to their every day routine. This “real-time recovery” allows Centered Recovery to bridge the gap between the hypothetical and actual recovery.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Centered Recovery is to provide innovative and profound addiction treatment services to clients in the state of Georgia with integrity and superior customer service. We aim to help create and foster a healthier and more balanced community for all. 

Our beliefs about addiction:

We believe that everyone has the potential to live a healthy, happy, substance-free life.

We believe that innate health can be realized through mindful awareness.

We believe that the present is much more valuable than the past.

We believe there is no better time than right now to start–not just recovery from substance abuse, but recovery of your true self.