Hear what real clients have had to say about Centered Recovery and the transformations that they have experienced.

What I love about Centered: The Clients!

  • The counselors here are one of a kind, I love them. They truly care and have had an impact on my recovery.

    Justin Rimert Avatar
    Justin Rimert
  • This program changed my life, it opened my eyes to a whole new way of life. I never completed the program but ive realized the classroom was only just the beginning of my journey. This program changed my life and helped me find an inner peace i never knew existed.

    calvin gossett Avatar
    calvin gossett
  • I have just started my journey at Centered Recovey about 4 weeks ago and words can’t express how fabulous this place is. The program is awesome and I’m learning a lot about myself. The staff are all professional and friendly and most of all the owners Reid and Kristin are also involved in the process. I would highly recommend this... read more

    Jimmy Fuller Avatar
    Jimmy Fuller
  • Centered Recovery has saved my life! This may sound flippant and cliched but it's the truth! In January this year my life was falling apart and I was heading downhill fast. Centered Recovery was recommended to me and right from the beginning all the staff were fantastic. They are kind and genuine people. Their approach... read more

    Janice Simpson Avatar
    Janice Simpson
  • The counselors are real. They get to the who, what, when, where, and how of an issue while maintaining the focus on the Present. They help guide you into a greater understanding of yourself and the world in which we co-create. I recommend this program to ANYONE seeking a greater bandwidth of perception and comprehension in life. The information I... read more

    Serina Williams Avatar
    Serina Williams
  • Centered Recovery has changed my life! The staff is so supportive and understanding, no matter where you are in your recovery. I love their holistic approach to understanding the mind and body, and would 10/10 recommend to anyone I know! I

    Holly Patterson Avatar
    Holly Patterson
  • What can I say about Centered Recovery and the wonderful folks that have dedicated their lives to helping people overcome addiction and live their best life. Looking back at where I was a year ago vs. where I am at now is astounding. The program for me was more than just dealing with substance abuse issues but it has provided... read more

    Larry Ross Avatar
    Larry Ross
  • Centered Recovery (CRP) is a great place to work. The staff are kind, caring, generous, and passionate about helping clients recover. The attitude at CRP is that of non-judgment and lifting clients up to meet their potential. Clients arrive to treatment with broken spirits and they leave with the hope and confidence of sustained sobriety. CRP... read more

    Susan Sanchez Avatar
    Susan Sanchez
  • Centered Recovery brings back the humanity to individuals; remove all the labels and judgements that are created from thoughts, feelings, and reactions and come back to the original state of being. It’s never too late to come back to yourself and grow into the future with a new point of view and depth of wellness.

    Bridget Avatar
  • I wish I could give infinite stars! I don’t only owe my sobriety to this program but my SANITY. Where 12 step, counseling, hypnotherapy and even drug therapy failed me, Centered Recovery succeeded me. I am no longer bound to addiction, or an “addict” mentality, but I am reconnected with a sense of self control, inner peace, power in communication... read more

    ding dong dominique Avatar
    ding dong dominique
  • I had begun to lose hope. I had been to treatment before. The same old stuff kept getting peddled to me: 12 steps, God, sponsors, etc. It seems irresponsible to promote "a way to get sober" that has so little scientific backing. I understand that method helps some people and that's great, but for me it just wasn't working. And... read more

    Jim James Avatar
    Jim James
  • Centered Recovery helped me in the way that it takes a new approach to recovery which is logical and more calculated. Rather than putting the power in faith or religion as many programs do, and expect you just to "gain strength through faith", Centered takes an analytical look at how your mind works. They work with you to help you... read more

    Taylor pod Avatar
    Taylor pod
  • As I reflect upon my time at Centered Recovery Programs, I keep coming back to the same word…”Wow!”. The Centered program not only significantly helped me with my addiction recovery, but it also made me a better person in general. Their program is based upon addressing the root cause of individuals’ addiction, anxiety, stress, worry, depression, and almost... read more

    Mike Lucas Avatar
    Mike Lucas
  • I do not know where to start. Centered recovery and the staff help you to have a shift in your perspective that allows you to see life in a totally different light. At centered the staff helps you along the way to realize you are not broken and in my experience that is the shift I was looking for .

    Warren Mattox Avatar
    Warren Mattox
  • Liberation and revolutionary change are possible with Centered. Giving them a chance was the best decision I have ever made for my sobriety, mental health, and well-being. Centered Recovery Program provided the scientific knowledge, tools, and support network that inspired me to invest in a life free of self-affliction.The culture and team at Centered are remarkable. No judgement, no... read more

    Luke T Avatar
    Luke T
  • I abused alcohol for twenty years. Hard drinking was a part of my life every day, all day. It sabotaged my physical health and negatively affected my relationships, my career and my marriage. I was totally addicted, physically and mentally.I connected with Reed from Centered a few days after completing a seven-day detox, thus beginning my first experience with addiction... read more

    Mike Sartain Avatar
    Mike Sartain
  • It is hard for me to explain in words how this place saved my life. I used to be addicted, not just to substances but to how I viewed the world. I had attented two "traditional" 12 step rehabs before finally landing at Centered Recovery. Centered Recovery helped cultivate insight within myself to move onward from my... read more

    Andrew Marsh Avatar
    Andrew Marsh
  • Centered truly saved my family. My husband, the father of my child, is with us today because of what the amazing folks at Centered taught him. Now, I will give credit where credit is due - he did a 40 day in-patient stay prior to Centered and it was certainly the catalyst to his recovery. He had to get away... read more

    Erin E Avatar
    Erin E
  • In my search for peace through the years, substances were all I could ever find to quiet down the destructive thoughts in my head - thoughts of inadequacy, of not measuring up, thoughts of being alone, of always being behind, and on and on and on...not anymore.The Centered Recovery program and the incredible team that work there helped me discover... read more

    Jay Avatar
  • Excellent program & excellent staff. Concept is simple and life changing on many levels. It helps put "you" back in control. No sponsors, re-living the past or being under the thumb of an invisible uncontrollable power. Discover an understanding of your thoughts and how they affect your mind and body. Learn to identify your thought created self and start living... read more

    K thomas Avatar
    K thomas
  • I only gave this place 5 stars because 6 stars wasn’t an option. 😂 Honestly though, this is truly a one-of-a-kind place. If you’re searching for an IOP that looks at the topic of addiction from a different angle, then THIS is the place for you. Mindfulness is definitely a “trending” word these days, but the classes that Reed &... read more

    Brandon Conner Avatar
    Brandon Conner
  • I'm a a huge fan of Centered Recovery. The staff there is warm and welcoming. The program at Centered has made a huge difference in my outlook on addiction. The classes and coaching have been a huge help for me overall.

    M S Avatar
    M S
  • This is an absolutely incredible program. People talk about things that "Changed their Life" or that something was life-changing. Usually that's hyperbole or temporary. Centered has changed my way of living and my understanding of life. Centered has permanently opened a door to a different dimension for me- I cannot unsee what I have seen and for that I am... read more

    Scott G Avatar
    Scott G
  • I am so grateful for finding Centered Recovery. Reed and Colin have opened my eyes to a new way of life. They have helped me discover a side of me I never knew I could be, helped me communicate with others better, and have overall given me peace in life. I never thought I would be happy with myself again... read more

    Kristin Easom Avatar
    Kristin Easom
  • My husband struggled through traditional 12 step programs for years. Centered Recovery provided a roadmap and a strategy that really resonated with him. As a result, he is sober and our family has been helped tremendously. I wish we had known about it sooner as we are all so much better off today than we have been... read more

    Kim Norris Avatar
    Kim Norris
  • Centered Recovery has literally changed my life. After years of alcohol abuse with some rehab and counselling along with the way, I was still completely lost. I was recommended Centered Recovery and right from the beginning I knew I had found the right place. It's completely different to anything I had ever been exposed to before. Their... read more

    Janice Simpson Avatar
    Janice Simpson
  • It was evident from my first experience with Centered Recovery that they are truly invested in their clients. They have helped me to see my recovery with curiosity and I've learned to approach life with an inside-out perspective rather than being at the mercy from outside influences. I've gained confidence in myself again and learned that the power... read more

    Rebecca Avatar
  • Centered, has been a real blessing for our family. My wife entered the program in May of 2018. The staff at Centered helped her to stay focused on the now and helped her release some of the pain of the past. Through a holistic approach Centered expanded the tools for coping with addiction with tools like meditation... read more

    Matthew Martin Avatar
    Matthew Martin
  • A unique approach to recovery, Centered offers an awareness and mindfulness based program. By recognizing the nature of the mind, clients are empowered to transform introspection into action, and positively change patterns of perception and behavior.

    Stephanie Hammond Avatar
    Stephanie Hammond
  • Where do I even begin... I was hesitant coming into Centered Recovery at first because I have tried just about everything to stay clean and sober. I had just gotten out of a 90 day intensive, residential program and immediately relapsed about a week after getting home. I knew I needed a new approach and I’m so happy I found... read more

    Meghan Smith Avatar
    Meghan Smith