Hear what real clients have had to say about Centered Recovery and the transformations that they have experienced.

“For a very long time I thought that the main problem that was keeping me from achieving anything in life was my ongoing battle with addiction to drugs and alcohol. What had started out as a simple love affair proceeded forward into a systematic masochistic destruction of my outer and inner worlds. When I was first introduced to drugs and alcohol I became aware that these two things were a solution to a problem I had not known that I had. 10 years later I had forgotten that these things were a solution and had fallen under the assumption that they were actually the problem. I attempted to get sober on my own multiple times, and had also tried the 12 step approach without any success. If you removed the alcohol and drugs I was left with the original problem. Then I found centered recovery and ultimately the solution to the the problem I had not known I had. Reed, Krista, Mayer, and all of the other team members at centered recovery opened up my eyes to a whole new world that had been sitting right in front of me this whole time. It was the lifetime of conditioning that had filtered my lens to the world, and they were able to help me begin to clear my vision once again. At centered recovery I not only found the way to stop drinking and using but I also found a way to live my life fully and openly. I began to see light in my dreary world and eventually found the peace and joy that had always been waiting for me. All I had to do was look. If you are deciding on where to go and what to do to get sober… if you have tried alone and failed… if the 12 steps were not for you… if you want to learn how to be happy in a world that seems completely against you… then I suggest you make the best decision you can for your present situation and future, and give centered recovery a try. It might just save your life. I know it saved mine.”

– Dalles H.

“If you are looking for a place to help show you the way to truly changing your life for the better, saying I highly recommend Centered Recovery doesn’t do it justice. Like many people who are in similar situations, I really needed help but until I came and (I guess) graduated from Centered, my thinking on what the help I needed looked like isn’t close to what I experienced. In my mind the very thought of not drinking came with many illusions around how impossible that would be to maintain, how would I be able to have fun again, how can would I be able to go out with friends ever again without feeling uncomfortable and struggle watching them drink…no way I could ever be around alcohol ever again because it would be to hard! What you learn at Centered is a very deep connection to how our experiences happen—how the inside system works that creates these experiences, and as long as you are open to an honest look to what’s happening inside, they help you discover that what happens on the outside can’t touch you. This understanding that I was guided to by the people that I truly consider friends now, goes beyond being able to stop drinking or any kind of substance abuse. Instead a much greater understanding that leads to life being lived in such a free way with less stress, worry, anxiety, ETC becomes a reality. If you’re reading this you’re either in a similar place I was (really need help. desperate to be happy and not controlled by something that feels completely out of your control) or you’re reading this looking for options for someone you care about, please call Centered Recovery. It will be the best decision you’ve made in your life, and if you’re truly open and ready, it will feel like the beginning of your life.”

– Tyler S.

“I can’t say enough good things about Centered Recovery. I had spent about 40 days in rehab/sober living and didn’t make much progress and was still white knuckling the 12 step program. After 3 sessions with Centered recovery, yes just 9 hours, I felt better than I had in years. They showed me a whole new approach to my thinking and gave me the tools to manage my addiction without the help of a sponsor or re-living my past problems every single day. I have been given my life back and am working on rebuilding my relationship with my family thanks to their help. I am now energized and enjoy going to sessions. Things that used to cause me significant stress and anxiety that led to my drinking are no longer controlling me. I have a sense of freedom that gives me the confidence that even when tough times come my way again I can now manage in a healthy fashion. I am present in the here and now and accept things as they are and it makes all the difference in the world. Please take advantage of this program – it can change your life. It has changed mine and I will be forever grateful to the team there for what they have given me. I wish I had found them years ago. If I had a friend or a family member struggling I would send them there in a heartbeat. Best of luck and hope to see you there.”

– Alex N.

“Centered Recovery is a gem. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and respectful. There are a lot of treatment centers that recycle and reuse material solely for financial gain. This is not one of them. The content is unique and original. Thought provoking ideas and conversations occur everyday here. They focus on the true root of any problem you can imagine – thought. Some therapies focus on making goals and recognizing reoccurring behaviors; and while that is very relevant it misses what comes before that- Thought processes and how we experience and perceive the world. It’s very normal to take thoughts quite seriously (even destructive ones) yet they are all synapses that occur constantly in the brain. If it sounds weird – good. Call them. They are very professional and friendly.”

– Susan H.