Marietta has one of the more interesting boundary lines of any city, stretching from well West of I-75, North along parts of I-575, South almost to I-285 and has many fingers going into parts of East Cobb all the way to neighboring Roswell. As one of Atlanta’s largest and most recognizable suburbs, Marietta has a lot to offer.

Like most other parts of the state, Marietta unfortunately also has an under-served population in need of treatment for substance abuse. Although there are several options for people in Marietta and surrounding cities, there is nothing else like Centered Recovery, which is why people are willing to drive a few extra minutes to participate in our rehabilitation program.

The Need for Addiction Treatment in Marietta

Earlier drug and alcohol use statistics for Marietta indicated that more than 8 percent of the population aged 12 and older classified as having a substance use disorder. This translates to many thousands of people in Marietta alone each year who are in need of help.

For people in Marietta who need detox services before attending our outpatient rehab program, we can help connect you to one of several options in the area, as well as assist you in finding appropriate care after finishing treatment.

Contact us today for more information about how Centered Recovery Programs can help people from Marietta get back on track for a successful life free from addiction. Call 1-800-556-2966 now to speak with an admissions counselor.