Centered Recovery offers outpatient addiction and mental health treatment in the metro Atlanta area at our drug rehab Roswell, Georgia location, and for all of Georgia via our full virtual program available to residents anywhere. 

Owners Reed and Krista Smith have been working in the addiction and mental health treatment industry for over 10 years. They have dedicated their lives to helping people understand their own psychology and help them cultivate good mental, physical, and emotional health through understanding true mindfulness. 

Centered Recovery was created to help people live free from not just substance abuse, but free from anxiety, depression, and burnout that tends to coincide with using alcohol, substances, shopping, or other destructive behaviors in an effort to change how a person feels. The unique, intensive program at Centered allows people to understand how their own patterns and habits are formed, and how to move beyond harmful habits that often wreak havoc on our lives. If you’ve ever struggled with identifying as an “alcoholic” or “damaged”, or if you’ve ever suspected that alcohol, substances, or other behaviors weren’t the root of your issues, then Centered may be the perfect place for you! 

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Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Atlanta

Centered Recovery Programs is Licensed by the Georgia Department of Community Health