Like most states in America, Georgia is in the midst of a struggle with drug abuse and a record number of lives are being lost, especially to drugs like heroin and other opioids. As the drug and opioid epidemic spirals, individuals, families, communities, and policymakers are doing their best to cope. One of the best things they can do is to promote education, awareness, support top-rated addiction treatment programs, and clear a path for those facilities who provide quality drug rehab in Georgia and alcohol rehabs in Georgia to allow them to be available to those who need them.

Georgia Drug Rehab Trends

According to the Georgia Substance Abuse Research Alliance (SARA), 68% of the overdose deaths in Georgia in 2015 were directly related to heroin or other opiate use. The total drug overdose deaths in the state rival those from automobile accidents at more than 1,300 and counting. These fatalities have tripled in recent years, and much more help is needed.

The same report indicated that the majority of counties in Georgia where the drug overdose deaths are highest have a severe shortage of treatment options. Rural populations as a whole are under-served in terms of having access to drug and alcohol rehabs in Georgia and elsewhere. Even highly populated areas like Atlanta, which may provide many different treatment options, are suffering from a lack of variety in treatment options. If all drug rehab facilities use the same program to address drug and alcohol addiction, the only real difference is the location. The program that works for some individuals may not work for all, leaving a serious shortage of options for many people who continue to struggle with drugs and alcohol. 

We have found that there are thousands of people in search of a different kind of drug rehab center, which is exactly what we provide. Our mindfulness-based Non-12 step approach is a combination of several different, highly effective therapies that create lasting change in people in helping them lead addiction-free lives. 

What is the Cost of Addiction in Georgia?

Billions of dollars are spent each year throughout the country to combat drug addiction and the myriad problems associated with substance use disorder, but also spending occurs as a result of having to deal with the societal impact. Drug overdoses cost the state of Georgia around $21 million dollars each year. Investing in substance use prevention education, drug treatment, harm reduction, as well as recovery support services for the public can provide crucial help to save not only lives, but money. 

The health care costs associated with opioid abuse in Georgia were at nearly half a billion seven years ago and have only increased since then. Meanwhile, the number of hospitalizations related to opioid misuse jumped by 80 percent over a ten-year period, rising to more than 500,000 per year.

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Finding a Drug Rehab Program in Georgia

When you are looking for a drug rehab programs for yourself or a loved one in Georgia, there are many factors involved in choosing the right one. The most important factor is usually choosing the right kind of recovery program for the person, which includes determining the setting, type of treatment, the modality used, the location and the cost.

For most people, finding the right rehab in Georgia may not be easy. Most addiction treatment centers boast beautiful images of clean facilities and tout the wonders of their program. It can be incredibly overwhelming to narrow down the top rehab program in your area, and you may simply give up and choose the one closest to your area for simplicity’s sake. If the options are too overwhelming, you may give up on looking for treatment altogether. But before you make one of the most important decisions of your life based on proximity, consider your options carefully! 

What to look for in a drug rehab program

  1. Proximity to your location, while it may seem important, is actually one of the least useful things about a drug addiction recovery program. You would never choose a doctor or a specialist for your other health issues simply because they were located in your neighborhood! You wanted trusted specialists who will treat you like an individual, provide quality care for whatever issues you are facing, and who come highly recommended by those you trust.
  • Centered has well over a hundred Google reviews, the most of any drug treatment facility in Georgia! Our reviews, which are so much more than “beautiful facility, caring staff”, are amazing testaments to how the Centered program literally changed the lives of our amazing clients. 
  • Centered, while located in a central, easy to reach location just north of the Atlanta metro area in Roswell, is not limited by geography. Our full virtual program ensures that Georgia residents from every corner of the state are able to access our effective, meaningful, science-backed and mindfulness-based curriculum and recovery team! 

2. The type of program offered at a drug rehab program is actually one of the most important things you should be looking at when choosing an addiction recovery facility. If you have already tried a traditional 12 step route in the past and struggled to find success, you may be ready for another path to recovery. Additionally, 12 step meetings are free, and can be attended by anyone at any time–you don’t need to enroll in a full addiction treatment recovery program to access a 12 step group. Even if you choose to attend 12 step meetings, your addiction treatment facility should provide something more than what you can do by attending free meetings. 

  • Centered believes our clients should do what works for them, which includes attending support groups of any type if they desire. In fact, we connect our clients and alumni with the support group of their choosing and offer SMART support meetings at our Roswell location and online twice a month. 
  • Centered is the only treatment facility with a copyrighted mindfulness-based curriculum, which includes therapeutic objectives for every class topic. Each and every class is based on the latest peer-reviewed research on mindfulness, MBSR, MBRP, the psychology of behavior change, emotional intelligence, neuropsychology, and more. There are no opinions here–each class is fully backed with scientific proof of its effectiveness in helping create a healthier, more resilient lifestyle.

3. Something that is usually completely overlooked in choosing the best rehab program for you is the clientele already at the facility. While addiction may be a common factor for all who are seeking recovery options, that cannot be the only thing you have in common with the others in your program group. Younger people who have been working through addiction recovery issues for a while may prefer to be with other young people going through a similar journey in order to connect and support one another better. More mature individuals who have a family and career may not particularly relate to those who haven’t yet experienced the pressures associated with executive careers. You will be spending many hours with your peers in these groups, and you should be able to find ways to relate to them! You also want to join a group that is has the same level of dedication to their health and recovery that you have. No matter how dedicated you are, if you are in a group of people who are simply required to participate and have no real interest in recovering and strengthening their own health, you will likely find yourself feeling isolated and alone in your journey. 

  • Clients at Centered are specifically screened to ensure they are joining for the only reason that matters–their own health. While other circumstances may have contributed to their search for treatment, our clients truly want to move beyond the struggles of addiction forever and are ready and willing to be open to making changes that will create lasting health. Thus, our clients tend to be mature professionals who often excel in life in some ways but just keep coming back to alcohol or other substances to help the symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression. 
  • Groups at Centered are intense, and do not allow time for constant interruption to smoke, vape, make phone calls, or other interruptions. We have witnessed many facilities who struggle to keep clients engaged, and we are incredibly grateful that the clients at Centered understand that they are doing life-changing, life saving work in our groups–and they don’t want to miss a minute! 

If you are ready to give up your struggle with drugs and want to find the best drug rehab in Georgia…look no further! Call us now to see if Centered is the right fit for you: 800-556-9966