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Centered Recovery in Roswell

Centered Recovery, as an IOP drug rehab in Roswell, Georgia, strives to be one the best addiction treatment centers in Georgia. We are located close to Atlanta and GA 400 at 11111 Houze Road in Roswell, GA 30076. Our beautifully decorated offices provide a calm, welcoming environment where people feel comfortable throughout their healing process. 

Roswell, Georgia is just 20 minutes north of the metro Atlanta area, only 10-15 minutes east of Marietta/East Cobb, and also only about 20 minutes from Cumming and Peachtree Corners/Gwinnett areas. This central location was chosen specifically to allow Centered Recovery to be easily accessible from many major cities in Georgia in order to provide treatment options to the most clients possible. 

Centered Roswell Atlanta Georgia


We are located in a quiet Professionals/Medical building to provide the utmost privacy and safety for our clients. It is located in the back of the Dominion Court Offices, just minutes from GA 400, restaurants, and shopping. Our group room is set up much like a college class, with tables and chairs to allow clients to bring their coffee or snacks and provide a comfortable space to connect and learn with other highly motivated clients. 

Individual counseling offices are private, calm spaces where you can relax and open up with your individual clinician to complement the intensive learning done in group through personalized discussions and treatment plans. We also highly encourage family counseling with your therapist, to help provide you with wrap around support with friends or loved ones, as well as help educate them to your recovery journey and how to best to support you. 

Is Roswell too far for IOP? Try Virtual! 

Virtual IOP GA

Because we know that people all over the state of Georgia want the best drug rehab program they can find, we opened up our program to virtual clients in January of 2019. We’ve been providing virtual IOP programs to Georgia residents for almost 5 years now, with great success! Clients from Savannah, Augusta, Athens, Macon, Valdosta, and more have chosen to participate in our Virtual IOP Program from the comfort of their own home, without having to negotiate Atlanta traffic. We stream our groups using professional grade video and microphone equipment so you don’t miss a thing in group! We can even provide distance drug screenings for you! All you need is a smartphone or computer with internet connection–we provide the rest! 

Our team is skilled at ensuring that you get quality addiction treatment services, no matter where you are located in Georgia. Our facilitators are trained in engaging and interacting with our distance clients just as if they are physically present. Our clinicians are kind, caring, and compassionate, and flexible in scheduling individual counseling sessions for you no matter what your schedule may look like. Our Case Managers are highly qualified to know what to look for in the addiction recovery journey and are highly responsive to answer any medical questions or needs that may arise during your admission. And our Alumni Team is passionate about ensuring that our clients are safe, happy, and healthy, and have access to any resources or referrals after treatment, including many free options that are open to all Centered Alumni in person and virtually such as SMART Recovery groups, experiential Meditation Breathwork groups, Transformative Sound Bath groups, Recovery Yoga, holiday celebrations, and more!  

Location should not be your priority

It is widely accepted within the addiction treatment field that “people go to the IOP program closest to home.” What this mentality overlooks is that many times, the closest IOP program may not be the best fit for you! Whether you have tried IOP in the past for addiction and mental health issues or this is your first time, you are making a significant investment of resources–time, money, and attention–and you want to choose wisely! And since most addiction treatment facilities utilize the same methods in their programming, relying heavily on 12 step/AA groups, you may be getting the same treatment in just another office space. 

That’s why Centered truly believes that location should not be the top priority when it comes to choosing an addiction treatment program! Would you choose the dentist or doctor on the corner just because they were close, without looking at what they offer, how they treat their patients, and what real clients say about them in reviews? Of course you wouldn’t! Meaningful treatment from a quality provider should always be the goal, even if you have to drive a little further to access it. After all, no one wants to have to complete addiction treatment recovery programs over and over again! No one should have to. The time and money you spend investing in your physical and mental health through an addiction recovery treatment program should be the best you ever spend, as it helps set things in motion for continued, long lasting success. 

While we chose the location for Centered carefully to be in an optimal location for as many clients as possible, we know that it may not be the closest one to your home or work. However, we know that if you choose your IOP program based solely on location, if that program isn’t the right fit for your specific needs it could cost more time, money, and even health in the long run. If you’re looking for an IOP program, make sure that the program, staff, and treatment philosophy align with what you are looking for! 

Questions to ask before you admit

Before you choose an addiction treatment facility for PHP, IOP, or OP services, or enroll in a mental health program for treatment of depression, anxiety, stress/burnout, there are some questions you should ask the facility before you commit to ensure that you are admitting to the best possible program for you! Here are a few questions to get you started: 

  • What type of program do you provide? A facility should be able to explain what science and modalities their program is based on! 
  • Who runs your group meetings? Group meetings should be facilitated ONLY by qualified professionals who have been properly trained in the content they are delivering as well as how to effectively facilitate groups with adults. If groups are run by free volunteers, they are often not qualified to be delivering meaningful, effective programming. 
  • Can I tour the facility first? Facilities should have nothing to hide, and should welcome in person or virtual tours for prospective clients so that you can ensure the facility is neat, clean, and comfortable, and matches their online images. 
  • May I speak to any of your alumni first to ask questions? Proper addiction treatment and mental health facilities will always have alumni or parents/loved ones who are more than happy to talk about their time with the facility! Remember that everyone puts their best foot forward on their website and social media, and you want a realistic view from someone who has personal knowledge of the facility and program. 

Flexibility is key

No matter where your IOP program is located geographically, it should easily fit into your busy life! Our flexible program allows clients to choose morning or evening groups, in person or online. Your program schedule can even change week to week to ensure you never miss a doctor’s appointment or the school play! We offer eight weekly IOP programming groups in our comfortable Roswell, GA location, five days per week. Our clinicians are available for individual counseling sessions on nights and weekends, as well as daily throughout the week to ensure you are able to meet with them when you need it most. We also have PHP programming available for clients who need a little extra jump start in their recovery process or for those who want a more immersive addiction recovery process. 

Call us today to speak to our Client Services team and learn more about the intensive addiction treatment outpatient program we offer at Centered. We are available 7 days a week at  1-800-556-2966 and are happy to answer any questions you may have about addiction treatment in Georgia, provide any additional referral sources in the metro Atlanta area for addiction and mental health, and help you understand how a mindfulness education program can help you no matter what you’re struggling with!