Often called the Hub of the South, Atlanta continues to be one of the most desired cities in the country to relocate to. With the busiest airport in the world and major Interstates that run through it, it is also one of the nation’s most connected cities.

Unfortunately, Atlanta also faces serious substance abuse problems, much of which is still not being openly discussed enough. While there are instances such as the Heroin Triangle special report from the local NBC affiliate, there is a distinct lack of drug recovery programs, supportive services and public discussion about dealing with the epidemic on a local level.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Atlanta

Only recently have more alcoholism treatment program in Atlanta providers recognized this as being such an under-served community (the Atlanta metro area has roughly 6 million people now) and more drug rehab programs are opening to be able to help those in need. Finding the right outpatient rehab center in Atlanta for your situation may be a bit difficult still.

A quick search online will result in a few programs, and some are listed at the SAMHSA directory, but there is plenty that isn’t easily found in either place. There are some newer programs, some faith-based facilities and other types of centers.

If you’re looking for help for yourself or a loved one in the Atlanta area, we contact us today. If we’re not the right program for you, we can help you find other additional local resources that may be a better fit.

Since we provide outpatient treatment services, it is also common for people who need stabilization first to attend a detox and short-term residential center and then starts our program afterward for longer-term care of another 6 – 8 weeks or more.

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Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Use

Although the state of Georgia generally has a lower level of substance abuse rates compared to national averages, those rates do increase when looking at Atlanta specifically. For example, there are more than 20,000 annual calls to the crisis hotline related to alcohol, and it is the most commonly reported substance abused, with marijuana being a close second.

Cocaine use was once very prevalent in Atlanta, though its use decreased for a while before seemingly starting to make another comeback in popularity. Methamphetamine use exploded around the city more than a decade ago before starting to taper off, but it is starting to rise once again.

As with most other parts of the country, prescription drugs and heroin have been the substances wreaking the most havoc around Atlanta, especially considering the number of lives lost. Atlanta and the surrounding metro communities have been dealing with record numbers of overdose deaths year after year.