Be Where Your Feet Are

Look down. Where are your feet? Chances are, they’re just below your ankles, as they should be. Whether they’re in the air, propped up on your desk, or on the ground, your feet are always in the now. They aren’t walking in the past, or running in the future. They’re here, now. (Unless you own Read More

The Children of Addiction

A&E’s Emmy-award winning show, Intervention, focused for the first time on the area of North Georgia dubbed “The Heroin Triangle”, which is the area roughly within Cobb, Fulton, Gwinnett, and Dekalb counties stretching north of Atlanta. The area came to the attention of the show’s producers due to a report done by a local news Read More

Feeling Stressed or Anxious? Grab Your Socks!

What do socks have to do with mindfulness? As a sucker for corny jokes, this one I heard back in high school Spanish class stuck with me: A man who only speaks Spanish goes into a department store to buy some clothes. He goes to the salesman to get some help, but the salesman doesn’t Read More

New Year’s Resolutions Are Useless…

Unless you understand why so many people fail… How to Make a New Year’s Resolution You Won’t Fail Researchers at the University of Scranton recently found that only eight percent of people actually keep their resolutions. EIGHT PERCENT. Although an estimated 43% of Americans make resolutions for the New Year that would potentially make themselves Read More

You Are Here

How To Regain Direction Suppose you are in an unfamiliar city. You want to find a mall and do some shopping at your favorite department store. Upon entering, you see the sign with the layout of the mall. You find your desired destination on the map. Ahh…, nice feeling. But pause for just one moment, Read More

Giving the Gift of Recovery this Holiday Season

Each year there are plenty of people who find the Holiday Season to be additionally stressful because of substance abuse issues. Since most don’t naturally follow the advice from our previous post, this leaves the majority of them searching for help. One of the biggest problems surrounding this is that individuals tend to try and Read More

How to Actually Survive the Holidays

How to Actually Survive the Holidays…and every day I mean no disrespect to people who find the holidays to be a trying time. I personally know plenty of people who identify the holidays as a stress-filled ball of grief and they know that I love and support them, just as I would support anyone I Read More

Mindfulness Based Recovery: Not Just an Alternative

When does the alternative become the new standard? Since the 1930s, advancements in medicine and science have allowed us to produce a usable form of penicillin, saving countless lives. We have been fortunate enough to see polio vaccines produced, nearly eradicating the virus from our country. We’ve learned that smoking was likely a major risk Read More

Restart Your Life at Centered Recovery

Each week we have the opportunity to work with amazing people who have decided to create a new life and enter our program. These include men and women who live locally as well as those who come from out of state. In many cases people feel that their choices are limited when it comes to Read More