The Truth About Goals

#goals Everyone knows that the best way you can accomplish something is by setting a goal to get there. Your parents, your childhood teachers, your boss, even your trainer gives you the same tome over and over: set a goal and make a plan to get there, and boom! Success will follow. There are over Read More

Centered Recovery Celebrates World Mental Health Day

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day, which is annually held on October 10th worldwide with the main objective of raising awareness of mental health issues and mobilizing efforts in support of better mental health. “Mental health in the workplace” is the theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day, and we at Centered Recovery are Read More

Science Notes Promise of Mindfulness in Addiction Treatment

National Geographic explores Mindfulness While alcohol and drug addiction have been an ever-increasing epidemic for our country as well as much of the developed world for decades, the prevailing method for addressing addiction issues here in the U.S. has been largely centered on one modality: the Twelve Step Model. In its inception, the Twelve Step Read More

Why the Worst Days are Actually the Best

It’s been one of those weeks. I started the week off with a tough discussion with my daughter about fighting with a school friend. Two of my kids stayed came home sick from school on two different days, so in a week that was already pretty full we threw in some additional doctor’s appointments and Read More

Addiction Treatment Center Opens in Atlanta Area

Growing Population in North Metro Atlanta means desperate need for addiction treatment services The Metro Atlanta area is home to an estimated 5.8 million people, a population that grows by about 1.5 percent per year. As the population has increased over the years, the number of residents who desperately need treatment for substance abuse has Read More

Centered Recovery Programs Holds Ribbon Cutting and Open House

Innovative addiction treatment center celebrates Recovery Month with distinguished guests (Roswell, GA) – Last Wednesday, September 13th, The Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony at Centered Recovery Programs, which is a non-12 step outpatient substance abuse treatment and education program. In addition to many community leaders and Chamber Ambassadors, the Read More

The Peace That Comes With Vacations

Peace and contentment come from peaceful places…don’t they? I’m lucky enough to be sitting in a beautiful cabin on the top of a mountain this weekend. Far above the hum of traffic, away from shopping malls and grocery stores and the duties of my own house, this house feels like a quiet refuge, even if Read More

The Best Outpatient Program

When there are thousands of choices, which one is best? Many families that call us have so many questions about drug treatment programs simply because most of us never stop to consider what drug treatment might include until we need it for ourselves or our loved one…and when that happens we are usually in a Read More


Can A Hurricane Teach You About Mental Health?

If you live anywhere in the southeast United States, the recent hurricane season activity has been hard to miss. Nearly every news outlet has been covering the storms that have just passed, and the ones out in the ocean yet to come. Social media is flooded with people worrying about whether they need to evacuate, Read More

Blur Restaurant - Vintage Effect Style Picture

Our Favorite Restaurant and Your Recovery

My family and I were regulars at a small restaurant in our town for a few years. The food was good, the interior was cute and clean, and the service—the employees—were amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed the people there: how one waiter always seemed to have a new magic trick to show our kids, how the Read More