The city of Sandy Springs has been well-known as a great place to live and work in the greater Atlanta area for a long time, but it wasn’t officially incorporated until 2005. It is now one of the largest cities in Georgia, and the second largest suburb of Atlanta.

Sandy Springs has also been hit hard by substance abuse, and is part of the infamous heroin triangle of opioid addiction. Despite a surge in drug rehabilitation programs coming into Georgia in the last five years, there is still a major shortage of treatment options and resources for people who need help.

At Centered Recovery, we are conveniently located just a few exits North on GA 400 from Sandy Springs, and many of people who have attended our program live there.

Sandy Springs has lead the way for other previously unincorporated suburbs to follow its model of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) to form workable governmental and privately-run city employment and functions.

Below you can find a map of Sandy Springs and the surrounding areas.