Finding the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Georgia does not have to be difficult. Georgia has a pretty wide range of drug rehabs for substance abuse rehabilitation in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Roswell and Marietta. Many people are seeking the best drug rehabs for drug and alcohol addiction problems. These include many types of addiction treatment approaches, such as traditional 12 step, medical models, medication-assisted treatment, Non-12 step, faith-based programs, dual diagnosis programs and more. There are also various settings, such as hospital inpatient, non-hospital residential, therapeutic communities, and various levels of outpatient drug treatment.

One of the keys to success in treatment is to find the most appropriate type of program and level(s) of care for each individual. Research has shown that personal interest level and belief in the chosen program can greatly affect outcomes.

Types of Treatment Available in Georgia

Faith-Based – These programs are usually Christian-centered and have a strong emphasis on the Bible and life and spiritual lessons that can be found within it. Pastors and spiritual counselors, as well as others in recovery, typically make up the core staff, though some faith-based programs also employ licensed therapists, and medical personnel as well. These centers are often longer-term and can last 12 months or more.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) – This fairly self-explanatory as well. It relies heavily on using medications for alcoholism treatment in Atlanta, Georgia as the primary focus. This applies most often to opioid addictions, where the patients are put on a long-term maintenance drug such as methadone or buprenorphine. It may also apply to alcoholism where they are given naltrexone and Antabuse or similar drugs. An ideal goal would be to eventually taper off the maintenance drugs through the application of ongoing group and individual therapy as well, however, some people wind up staying on the medications indefinitely. Sometimes MAT is also incorporated as an adjunct therapy to other programs to help get through some crucial stages of early recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Centers – Often called co-occurring disorders, a dual diagnosis means that a patient has one or more behavioral health disorders in addition to substance abuse. This may include common diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, PTSD or bipolar disorder, and there are many varying levels within each issue or symptom. Dual diagnosis centers have a psychiatrist who may prescribe medications to treat the different problems in addition to counseling and therapy to address them along with their drug or alcohol addiction.

Non-12 Step Programs – The majority of treatment centers and recovery support groups are based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. However, there are an increasing number people who are either turned off by AA/NA groups for various reasons or are possibly just ready to try something different if they have previously been unsuccessful in their treatment attempts. Non-12 step treatment programs come in a very wide variety themselves, such as those based on more physically-oriented treatments, holistic programs, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, and more. Centered Recovery Programs is an emerging model that is setting the trend for mindfulness-based treatment.

Treatment Settings in Georgia

Detoxification – Detox centers are inpatient environments that are medically-supervised to help people safely step down and withdraw from the substances they were previously using. The length of time can vary from 3 to 10 days usually, depending on the type of substances, the physical make up of the person, and the length of time they were using.

Inpatient Treatment – There are actually several categories of inpatient treatment, such as a short-term stabilization, which may be provided in a hospital can often include detoxification services. It often lasts only about two weeks. There are also longer-term inpatient treatment programs, though these are typically referred to as residential rehabilitation centers as well, and can range from 30 days to several months.

Therapeutic Communities – These are usually at least 90 days in length and rely heavily on peer-driven support. There are also clinical elements from licensed therapists and certified counselors, but the majority of the program is based on the connection to the group and helping each other through recovery in a safe and monitored environment. Sometimes therapeutic communities (TCs) start out with more clinical treatment early on and then transition to a supportive housing component where participants find jobs and work to repair their lives and become stable and self-sufficient again.

Outpatient Treatment – The majority of people who seek help for substance abuse problems attend outpatient programs. There are multiple levels of outpatient care as part of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), including Partial Hospitalization/ full-time day treatment (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP)/ part-time day treatment, and regular outpatient, which is usually about once per week.

Best Drug rehabs Alpharetta, Georgia


Finding the best drug rehabs Alpharetta can be a confusing task. centered Recovery Programs provides PHP, intensive outpatient programs (IOP drug rehabs Alpharetta), outpatient addiction treatment centers and a telehealth program. There are many 12-step substance abuse rehabilitation programs. This can be deceiving because many times individuals are attending the drug and alcohol addiction treatment center 3, 4, 5 and even more times. Why do these rehabs fail? 

We think it is because the 12 step teachings are not for everyone. This is reflected with our over 200 Google reviews. Many of our clients make it into long-term recovery. this is because the mindfulness techniques are tools they use for the rest of their life to prevent relapse. 

Drug Rehabs Atlanta, Georgia Option


When seeking the best drug rehabs Atlanta options you must learn about the holistic approach. This is why we service this area. Many of our clients have attended a 12-step center in the area. They tell us that the tools they received in our substance abuse rehabilitation program are more useful. Our outpatient program carefully trains our clients and the use of mindfulness.

These IOP programs are at the PHP level are 5 days per week. At the IOP level they are 3 times per week. You usually attend for 8-12 weeks and can enter the outpatient or telehealth programs. One of the key areas of why we so successful is that our clients can get telehealth after their addiction treatment center care.

During our program you will get long-term tools to fight relapse. these are known as relapse prevention skills. The mindfulness techniques will go beyond just helping substance abuse issues. They will become a new way of life helping in all areas.

IOP Drug Rehabs Roswell, Georgia


The best IOP drug rehabs Roswell options provide a holistic approach. At Centered Recovery Programs we provide a non 12 step approach. this approach, provides mindfulness to substance abuse treatment. This approach is also good for anyone that wants to make life changes. Some of our clients do not suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. They just want a happier life with relationships, work and much more.

The IOP level of care is flexible. It meets three times per week for about 3 hours at each session. The entire program lasts 12 weeks. Here you will get counseling and tools to help you navigate a drug and alcohol free life. These relapse prevention tools will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

IOP stands for intensive outpatient program. This means that will learn many different ways to cope with drug and alcohol addiction. We have developed a comprehensive addiction treatment program that has produced results for many of our clients. Learn more about the best IOP drug rehabs Roswell, Georgia program.

Best Drug Rehabs Marietta, Georgia


Our IOP drug rehabs Marietta, Georgia is not the only level of care at this addiction treatment center. We also offer PHP, outpatient addiction treatment and telehealth substance abuse rehabilitation services. Our substance abuse counselors and staff have dedicated their lives to getting individuals into long-term recovery.

The success at this center has been a result of years of treatment experience. We knew there had to be an alternative to 12 step centers. After all the success rates at the rehabilitation facilities is 15-20%. We have seen many of our clients get into and stay in long-term recovery.

Providing a holistic mindfulness based approach has allowed us to see many recovery. Drug and alcohol addiction is a life long struggle. Being prepared and having the tools to sustain recovery is critical. Learn more about how Centered Recovery Programs can help you today. 

Finding the Right Drug and Alcohol addiction Treatment in Georgia Program for You

At Centered Recovery Programs, we work with people every day to help them find the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment program to fit their needs. Sometimes they choose to enroll our program, but most of the time we assist them in finding other options. The important thing is to reach out for help. That is the first step in getting your happy and healthy life back. 

Our non 12 step approach has been able to help many that have failed in the past. Lear about our holist approach to substance abuse rehabilitation services. Here are the following centers in Georgia, where we can help you today. 

  • best drug rehabs Alpharetta
  • best drug rehabs Atlanta
  • best IOP drug rehabs Roswell
  • IOP drug rehabs Marietta, Georgia

If you are seeking a program for yourself or a loved one, contact us today and we’ll do our best to help. We accept most health insurances. If we are not a fit for you., we will get you into the best hands to help. Call us now at 1-800-556-2966, we can get you in today!