Find Alcohol and Drug Rehabs Help Near You in Alpharetta, Georgia

We are the best drug rehabs Alpharetta, Georgia addiction treatment center option. Our IOP drug rehabs or intensive outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation program is a holistic non 12-step option. We use mindfulness techniques that have been proven effective for those that have repeatedly attending 12-step drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Alpharetta, Georgia. 

Alpharetta is now the 12th largest city in Georgia and is considered a mini-technology hub of the South. With the influx of population has also come an increase in drug and alcohol abuse in the city as well. Largely considered one of the more prosperous areas in North Georgia, additional disposable income has also fueled some of the prescription drug and heroin problems that Alpharetta now faces.

Thankfully there are at least a few options for people in Alpharetta seeking help for substance abuse, and now Centered Recovery has joined the list of providers in the area. Despite the Roswell address, we actually fall under the zoning jurisdiction of Alpharetta and so we consider both cities our home.

How Our Outpatient and IOP Drug Rehabs Alpharetta Rehabilitation Program Works


Our IOP drug rehabs Alpharetta program goes further than most drug and alcohol treatment centers. from outpatient to intensive outpatient programs (IOP drug rehabs) we are a non 12 step facilitate. We use mindfulness for our substance abuse treatment modality.

Sometimes people have the misconception that outpatient addiction treatment is not sufficient. There certainly are cases where people should receive help at an inpatient drug rehab Alpharetta center. But first, individuals usually have to go through a alcohol detox center or opiate drug detox center before entering inpatient or outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation centers.

Our IOP drug rehabs Alpharetta centers can provide a high level of service at our center. We offer both full-time day treatment (PHP) that is 5 days per week as well as intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) that consist of 3 partial days per week. We have flexible scheduling to meet the needs of our clients and can accommodate many situations through our real-time recovery program.

SAMSHA outlines 5 levels of substance abuse rehabilitation care that are available. Here you will find information on the intensive outpatient programs. This information will help you understand what to expect when you attend a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. 

We also work with drug and alcohol detox centers in Alpharetta centers, residential inpatient addiction treatment centers, and sober living homes to help cover more scenarios in case the need arises both in and around the Alpharetta area.

Centered Recovery Programs Drug Rehabs Alpharetta, Georgia Bringing Mindfulness Into Everyday Living

Our drug rehabs Alpharetta program staff know what mindfulness can do. Mindfulness practices and teachings are the basis for our recovery program, but they extend beyond just a substance abuse treatment application. Practicing mindfulness in your daily life enhances your experience and brightens awareness. We work with our addiction treatment Georgia clients to give them tools they can use long after they recover from substance abuse that work in many different situations in life.

Contact us today to learn more about our program or to schedule a tour of our facility and find out if Centered Recovery is right for you.