A lot of people associate the phrase ‘going to treatment’ with an inpatient or residential rehabilitation program. The assumption is that if the problem is bad enough to need help, the person should get away from their immediate environment and into a more focused facility for 30 days or more.

While there is certainly a need for inpatient centers, the truth is most people don’t need to go, which is why roughly 90% of those receiving help attend some sort of outpatient program. One problem with the current norms in the treatment field is that there is very little follow-up after an inpatient stay, and most clients wind up relapsing within the first few weeks after treatment because of this.

Too often people are discharged back home and only expected to attend meetings and check in, yet the ongoing care that is needed is missing. One of the most under-utilized transitions for people after completing a residential program is transferring to a local outpatient program afterward. Attending full-time day treatment/partial hospitalization (PHP) or intensive outpatient (IOP) a few days per week can be a vital step in recovery.

Instead of someone getting thrown back into their old routines, they are able to greatly benefit from several weeks’ worth of ongoing help to fortify their recovery while transitioning back to work, school, home and other parts of life. We like to call this Real-Time Recovery.

People in a PHP or IOP treatment program are faced with temptations and triggers almost daily, and they get to use what they learn in treatment in real life situations, thus strengthening their resolve and keeping them focused as they return for treatment the next day without having to be away from their families.

Where many inpatient programs fail to provide the necessary support, programs like ours are right there with the clients step by step as they regain control over their lives. Done well, this helps to also eliminate the common action of people going to inpatient when they don’t actually meet the criteria for it. Rather than getting sold on going to some nice residential retreat by the water or in the mountains, they are able work more within their current lives and learn to apply the treatment concepts and actions each and every day.

For clients who are from out of town or need some additional support while attending our program, we have established relationships with accredited sober living communities.

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