As one of the fastest growing recovery movements in the country, Centered Recovery Programs is working as quickly as possible to provide our services to people who are in need. We opened our first location in August of 2017 and our second location in November 2018. We will have additional locations in the Atlanta, GA area and are working out plans for regional and national growth.

We already have Centered Recovery Meetings happening in multiple states, and they are free for anyone to attend or start your own in your area.

Our first facility was opened in Roswell, GA. It has it’s own floor on the lower level of a medical office building with a private entrance in the rear of the building. This newly-renovated space has been a calm and comfortable environment helping people restore their innate health since 2017. Check out our Roswell, GA location here.

Our second facility was opened in Marietta, GA in November 2018. We searched for months to find the right spot, and found a larger, stand-alone building with private parking. Check out our Marietta, GA location here.

Stay tuned for more locations to come!