Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program in Roswell, GA

Roswell is often regarded as one of the best cities in the north metro area to live in. With a balance of historic charm, city parks, new development and great schools, the area has a lot to offer. One of the downsides is that Roswell is very much under-served in terms of addiction treatment programs, as there are very few choices for those seeking help here.

This is one of the reasons why we chose Roswell to start our first center, because people in the city are limited in the local programs that are available to them. Although there are very well-respected recovery resources here, Centered Recovery offers something different with its mindfulness-based non-12 step approach.

Searching for an Addiction Treatment Center in Roswell?

We offer intensive outpatient (IOP) and full-time day treatment (PHP) to people in Roswell who are looking for a local program to help them recover. This allows us to be able to meet the needs of most people who are searching for help, while others may have to go to a detox center or inpatient rehabilitation program first. In those cases, we have established relationships with facilities who can provide the additional care to allow for clients to be able to then come do our program.

Roswell Drug Abuse Help

Roswell has a prescription drug affliction similar to many other suburban towns across America. From the everyday pill takers who are looking for quick fixes and jumping from doctor to doctor, to those with heavier addictions, the use of amphetamines, benzodiazepines and painkillers is quite staggering. Additionally, there are many people now suffering from heroin addiction, and methamphetamine is certainly still prevalent, as well as newer synthetic drugs.

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