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Drug Rehabs Atlanta, Georgia – After deciding to reclaim your life from the grips of alcohol addiction, you are likely to hear that enrolling in an alcohol recovery program in Atlanta is the way to go. Traditional twelve step programs such as AA  may be a common approach to treating substance abuse disorders, however, they are not the only option for Georgia residents. 

While traditional models for recovery can be effective for some people who struggle with alcohol addiction or binge drinking, the truth is there is no “one size fits all” treatment that works for everyone. Some people may have tried working the 12 steps, or Alcoholics Anonymous, through a traditional recovery facility or simpy through going to free support meetings, and found that the 12 steps did not work for them. Others may not agree with the philosophy of the 12 steps, or have religious needs or objections which they feel don’t align well with Alcoholics Anonymous. Still others may not believe that they are “broken” or need to identify themselves as an alcoholic, and are searching for another path to recovery. 

It is a known fact that addictive behaviors can be difficult to change and often result in high rates of relapse following change attempts. Luckily, peer-reviewed scientific studies from the last several decades have increasingly been focused on the effectiveness of therapy modalities such as Mindfulness-based addiction treatment. Numerous studies have shown what Centered has found to be true through its own practice:

Effective addiction treatment Georgia

Why does Centered use Mindfulness?

Centered was the first addiction treatment facility in Georgia to use a mindfulness-based program to effectively treat alcohol addiction, substance use addiction, depression, anxiety, and more. When we opened our doors in 2017, many facilities had never heard of using mindfulness-based treatment modalities for the purposes of recovering from addiction. The founders of Centered knew that residents of the Atlanta metro area, as well as the rest of Georgia, deserved a meaningful alternative to the traditional model of the 12 steps for addiction and alcohol recovery. Georgia has been named part of the “Heroin Triangle” due to the fact that opioid overdoes have been exponentially increasing in our state since 2010. However, Georgia also has a serious problem with alcohol addiction. The Georgia State Department of Public Health has reported that deaths related to alcohol in Georgia in 2020 were the highest reported rates in a century! 

The state has responded to this crisis by attempting to increase awareness of the dangers of alcohol addiction and binge drinking, as well as put forth efforts to increase funding towards addiction treatment facilities and medications designed to help individuals stop drinking such as Naloxone. However, alcohol addiction and substance addiction treatment must have more than one treatment path in order to effectively treat more people! Centered Recovery decided to focus on mindfulness-based treatment in their trademarked intensive, skills-building curriculum because of the myriad of benefits mindfulness provides to our clients, benefits which support long-term success in sobriety and mental health. health benefits mindfulness addiction treatment Atlanta

Proven Benefits of Mindfulness

Some of the known, proven benefits of a focused mindfulness treatment program include: 

Intensive Program for Alcohol Addiction Recovery

The outpatient alcohol addiction recovery program at Centered has a core focus of helping our clients understand how to become mindfully aware of themselves, their habits of thinking, and their emotions, and integrate these along with increased awareness of what is happening within the body. Too often, people struggle in their lives due to traumatic events, stressful relationships, unhealthy work environments, and innocently turn to using alcohol to escape from their daily life. Or perhaps they may use alcohol because they believe it helps loosen them up in social situations or is required for their career to connect with others. Still others may use alcohol to drown out the noise of their own internal alarms signaling other issues within. Whatever the story behind a person’s drinking, Centered helps their clients understand and relate to their daily life in a way that allows them to create healthier, more desirable experiences, rather than suffer through life and drink to silence or forget. 

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The intensive curriculum for IOP at Centered is unlike any other addiction or mental health treatment program because it focuses on how people think, rather than what they think. While everyone’s personal story is unique, we all write the pages of the book of our lives in the same way. By illuminating the process by which people live, we can help our clients understand how to move beyond reacting to their lives by increasing emotional intelligence, self awareness, and emotional awareness. 

Mindfulness-based experiential therapies such as meditation, yoga, breath work, and art therapy are used to help clients interact and practice mindfulness tools which can be especially helpful early in the recovery process. Our experiential groups are all facilitated by highly trained, qualified teachers who are familiar with their own techniques as well as how these incorporate with the rest of the program for a truly holistic recovery journey. These groups combine with therapeutic modalities such as Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and others to help clients fully understand themselves, their past, and their role in the present. Rather than employing labels and other forms of judgment, the addiction recovery program at Centered helps clients focus on their strengths and how to build on those strengths moving forward. 

Mindfulness as mental health hygiene:

Just as you must engage in some physical activity to keep your body strong and healthy, you must also direct your attention to mindful habits and practice good mental health “hygiene” on a regular basis. Reading mindfulness-based books, listening to podcasts, watching movies, practicing yoga or meditation, gratitude journalling, and paying attention to your body are all direct ways you can exercise in mindfulness. Some of the primary ways in which mindfulness can assist a person in recovering from an addiction to alcohol include:

  • Learning to sit with uncomfortable feelings and emotions rather than reacting automatically to them
  • Cultivating the ability to be less critical of yourself and more accepting of yourself and others, which gives you the strength that you need to get through the highs and lows of addiction recovery
  • Utilizing awareness to understand that your daily thinking is mostly habitual–regardless of whether that habit is healthy or not
  • Recognizing unhealthy habits of thought before they highjack your journey, so that you can move forward creating new, healthier habits
  • Accessing the resilience and strength you need to move through whatever life throws your way

Relapse prevention through mindfulness-based alcohol addiction treatment

stress cravings relapse prevention Atlanta

The staff at Centered understands that two of the hardest struggles in recovery from alcohol addiction are cravings and stress. Most people know intellectually that they should no longer drink, but cravings and stress can derail progress in the recovery journey and seem like insurmountable obstacles. Mindfulness has been shown to help people effectively and safely move beyond cravings and continue on their health journey. Stress, including chronic stress, is no match for mindfulness either! Mindfulness based tools have been shown to help people deal with stress, increase resilience in times of chronic stress, be less reactive to people and events, and become more comfortable with the friction that can occur any time events are less than desirable. Simply put, understanding and engaging in mindful awareness helps participants move more effortlessly through their lives, regardless of what happens! This makes it the perfect foundation for any recovery program for alcohol addiction recovery, substance use disorder recovery, as well as dealing with anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and stress related burnout issues. 

Alcohol addiction recovery services

Centered Recovery provides the best alcohol addiction recovery program available in Georgia. We know it’s natural to be a bit wary of any addiction treatment program that breaks away from “the norm.” However, our mindfulness-based alcoholism treatment program incorporates an array of services to ensure that every patient receives the personalized care that they need and deserve. Our services include the following:

  • intensive outpatient program, or IOP drug rehab
  • partial hospitalization, or PHP addiction treatment center services
  • outpatient programming, or OP addiction treatment
  • medical oversight by our Medical Director
  • Case Management by our staff to address most needs
  • Recovery Yoga
  • Meditation Sound bath/ Therapeutic Sound Healing
  • Guided Meditation Practice
  • Meditative Breathwork Sessions
  • relapse prevention counseling
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • free peer support meetings

While we don’t offer the following services at Centered, we are happy to coordinate services through our trusted network of providers to ensure every patient receives the specialized care they need. Our network includes:

  • interventions
  • sober living facilities
  • court-ordered rehab
  • drug and alcohol detox centers
  • residential treatment for alcohol or drug addiction
  • anti-craving medications
  • addictionology specialists
  • holistic physician care

Live in Georgia? 

Alcohol Addiction Treatment IOP Georgia

If you live in the metro Atlanta area, including Milton, Roswell, John’s Creek, Marietta, Kennesaw, and surrounding areas, are ready to break free from your addiction and prefer to avoid 12-step treatment models, mindfulness-based alcoholism treatment at Centered Recovery Programs may be the answer. If you are a Georgia resident but outside of commuting distance to Roswell, Centered’s intensive virtual program may be the solution. Are you ready to get started on creating your journey to mental and physical health? Are you ready to move beyond struggling, and finally live without alcohol addiction impacting your life? 

Centered is available and ready to help, so take the first step on your recovery journey by calling now: 800-556-2966