5 Podcasts We Love

If you are looking for or currently engaged in an alternative to a 12 step program for recovery, you might be looking for content to help support your recovery journey. There are plenty of 12 step podcasts out there, but a non-traditional recovery journey greatly benefits from resources that are geared towards you! Mindfulness Podcasts, Tips from Life Coaches to help you create the life you want, and meaningful podcasts about psychology and habits can all support a mindfulness-based recovery program. 

We know that life can be busy…sometimes too busy to read the helpful books and articles we’d like to! Luckily for us, there are so many amazing podcasts available–podcasts full of amazing speakers, authors you already know and love, and experts in the field of mindfulness, mental health, and living a “centered” life! So we’ve compiled a huge list of some of our favorite podcasts to listen to as we navigate the Georgia roads and we’re sharing five of our favorites today. 

  • Caffeine for the Soul

Michael Neill is just an excellent speaker, excellent writer, and excellent human! His show is witty and wise rolled into one–don’t miss it! 

  • Changeable with Dr. Amy Johnson

Dr. Amy is one of my favorite mental health professionals of all time, and if she didn’t live all the way on the West Coast, I would beg her to work with our team. Her work is always top notch, and this podcast is no different. 

  • David Bohm Channel on Spotify

He’s brilliant, and sometimes brilliant people are a little intimidating. But throw on this podcast and soak up some of that wisdom the way people soak in Ariana Grande’s hits and you’ll be a Bohm expert yourself in no time. 

  • Buddha at the Gas Pump

BATGP calls itself “Conversations with “ordinary” spiritual awakening people”, but with a line up like Rupert Spira, Adyashanti, and Anita Moorjani, it’s anything but ordinary. We really enjoy the variety of guests–click around and find your favorites!

  • 10% Happier with Dan Harris

On this show, Dan talks with eminent meditation teachers, top scientists, and even the odd celebrity. Guests include everyone from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Brené Brown to Karamo from Queer Eye. It’s a can’t miss!