How to get Centered

How to get Centered during quarantine

Feeling Un-Centered?

Let’s face it, we are all experiencing something quite unique living through this required quarantine. Across our nation (and the world), people are honoring the request to shelter in place. However, it can feel like a daunting task and we can certainly feel out of sorts. It was not long ago that we were out living our normal lives and participating in our regular activities – going to work, hitting the gym, eating at our favorite restaurants – you name it. Suddenly, all those activities came to a halting stop and left us feeling a little dazed. So how can we get centered, even during quarantine?

As we continue our time apart, it is important to find ways to stay connected to our healthiest selves and to others. Below are five ways to feel more centered. 


With all this extra time at home, take a look at your calendar and look for spaces of free time that you could fill with a call or video chat. Spend time compiling a list of friends and family members that you would like to catch up with. Then reach out set up a time to chat.

Quality time with loved ones allows us an opportunity to tap out of our busy mental minds and rest calmly into our more natural state of being. Plus, you may find that your loved ones have advice to share on how they are handling these challenging times. In other words, spend some time spreading love.

Stay Active

Physical activity can help keep you balanced both mentally and emotionally. It is common to feel stress and anxiety during this quarantine. Find a routine that works best for you! 

There are countless articles, videos, and posts for you to review online that can fit your fitness needs. The World Health Organization suggests “150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week, or a combination of both.” 

No large, bulky exercise equipment is required! Physical activities can range from beginner to expert levels – just simply find out what works best for you. Since quarantine schedules might not match our “normal” schedules – you can set a reminder on your phone to help you get into the new groove for exercise. Light exercise can help get you on track to get centered, even during quarantine. 


For those of you who are quarantined in a group or family, if you are feeling stuck in a mundane routine, go search for some board games or a pack of cards. Don’t know what you might enjoy? No worries! Here is a link to some instant classic games you can play with others: 50 Best Board Games of All Time.

Physical games not your thing? Not sheltering with a group? Not to worry! Here is a link outlining classic boardgames you can play virtually: 12 Classic Board Games You Can Play Online With Friends and Family.


For some, this quarantine has allocated some extra “free” time. Is there a new hobby that you might be interested in pursuing? How about that next certification or college degree? 

There is an abundance of resources available to you through the internet. Websites, such as Udemy and MasterClass, offer you the opportunity to explore topics that fit your personal interests. In addition, many colleges now offer full online programs to further your education and pursue a variety of degrees. 


You may have already notice just how busy we humans tend to remain day in and day out in our culture. Placing us in quarantine might have restricted our physical bodies but our mental minds can still remain very active… or busy. You may even find that the mind is even busier during isolation. 

Meditation is an excellent way for you to stay grounded. With all this uncertainty, it is important that we find ways to stay present and balanced. Keep in mind that meditation is simply “silent reflection’. 

You do not need to be isolated on a mountain, dressed in a robe and seated with legs folded in order to experience the benefits of meditation. You can simply find a quiet spot within your house or even outside that allows you to sit quietly for a few minutes. And keep in mind that something as simple as deep breathing is a meditation. 

Don’t have a quiet place to sit down? Not to worry. You can participate in an active mediation. An active meditation allows you the opportunity to snap out of autopilot (or the default mode network) – and connect to direct experience. Even simple tasks such as washing the dishes or folding the laundry can help provide you with an opportunity to connect to this type of meditation. Bring your attention (awareness) to your physical senses during these tasks. What can you feel? What can you smell? What can you hear? Your physical senses can always serve as an excellent resource to help you connect back to direct experience. 

Online Meditation Options

Looking for other types of meditation? Well, you are in luck! Online mindfulness leaders, such as Headspace, are offering a variety of free meditations to help you remain connected to your inner health and get centered during this quarantine. 

Whatever activity you decide to take part in, remember to send yourself some extra love. These are tying times and it is only normal for us to feel disconnected and disjointed. One thing is for certain, you are not alone.

If you feel like you could use some extra help or are interested in creating more space for building life skills, you may also consider our online class option. 

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Written by Colin Taschler