Our Favorite Restaurant and Your Recovery

My family and I were regulars at a small restaurant in our town for a few years. The food was good, the interior was cute and clean, and the service—the employees—were amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed the people there: how one waiter always seemed to have a new magic trick to show our kids, how the owner would sometimes pretend to forget how old one of our children were and joke with them about it, how they were proud to show off new recipes or deserts to us, and sometimes if it wasn’t crowded a few people would sit down with us and chat. It felt like more than just grabbing a bite out, it felt a bit like magic.

Then, sadly, someone came in and bought the place. As a prosperous little restaurant in a good location with a great reputation, it certainly made sense. But the new owners kept subtly changing the things that we had loved, the thing that made it more than just a restaurant, and as they streamlined the service, the less we enjoyed it. The food was still pretty good, the location was still great. The employees seemed to have less flexibility and were no longer allowed to chat, and our earlier sense that everyone, from the owner to the busboys, had a sense of pride in their work, of being there together as a team, was now missing. The magic was gone, and what had been a really excellent place now just seemed average. Our visits there dwindled down until finally we gave up and found a new local joint with its own magic.

Years later, as we created Centered Recovery, an attractive and clean building was a high priority. We took pride in choosing decor that we felt would be both comfortable and calming for our clients. A location that was convenient and easy for our clients to get to was also important, so we took months to find the right space. The “menu”, the program that was specifically developed for our outpatient clients using our mindfulness-based approach was painstakingly refined, and we knew that without this amazing program using evidence based science and research in place, we wouldn’t have anything to serve. Everything was as close to perfect as we could make it, and we felt ready.

And then we remembered the lesson learned from our old favorite restaurant, and began building our team. We specifically chose teammates that we feel can participate in the magic we want to create, who will work alongside us and take pride in our building, our materials, and our program. That’s why we hand picked a team of caring, qualified professionals (really, overqualified, but we like to aim high!) with proven track records in their fields of success and effectiveness…and that is the difference that makes all the difference. JC Penney once said, “I will have no man work for me who has not the capacity to become a partner,” and our hiring process begins with people who see our work as more than a job, but as something they believe in and live themselves. The most powerful teachers are the ones who don’t just have the right education, but the personal experience from which to draw fresh inspiration—not just “talking the talk” but “walking the walk”. You can begin to get to know our staff here.

Recovery doesn’t begin with a pretty view. It begins with people who truly believe in and understand the program we deliver, who possess the knowledge and understanding of the human condition and how addictions are created, and the dedication to help every client see it all for themselves. Centered Recovery is dedicated to making magic happen for both our clients as well as our staff. Call Reed to find out if the magic we specialize in, our non-12 steps, mindfulness based approach to recovery, is the right kind of magic for you. 800-556-2966.