Centered Experientials for Outpatient Recovery

There are many therapies that can be used in recovery, but the most meaningful are the ones that make a real difference in the clients life, where education, creativity, and real growth intersect. Experientials at Centered Recovery are designed to provide meaningful support to the outpatient recovery journey, including artistic expression, body awareness and physical activity, and physiological needs such as relationships and nutrition. 

One of our favorite nutritional experts, Jacqueline Gang, will be hosting a “Nutrition in Recovery” class for our clients in July. This special session is free and open to all clients, past and present, and requires an RSVP to attend. We’ll be talking about the additional nutrition needs for people in their recovery journey, how what we eat can help support a return to good physical health, and includes some delicious and healthy treats for clients to try! Good nutrition in recovery is a natural part of a holistic recovery program. 

About our expert

Jacki is a certified holistic nutrition coach with advanced technical and clinical training in Functional Medicine. She provides nutritional and wellness coaching to individuals, professionals and families. Jacki helps busy people transform their lives to be healthier, happier, more energized and productive! Her clients benefit from life changing nutritional practices, support, guidance and accountability relating to fitness, stress management and other lifestyle choices that lead to looking and feeling amazing.

Jacki’s customized programs identify imbalances and get to the root cause of many modern day health issues. Unknown food sensitivities, too much time sitting behind a computer and even a toxic relationships can have an effect on your entire well being. She provides the tools to gradually integrate significant changes and watch as they transform into a welcome and sustainable way of life.

If you would like more information about our mindfulness based, 12 step alternative recovery program in Roswell, GA and Marietta, GA, give us a call at 800-556-2966.