Our Treatment Philosophy

As can be easily observed, residential treatment is often hypothetical until a client returns to their real life and is able to integrate what they have learned with their daily routine. Too frequently we have seen clients seem to blossom in a residential setting, only to crash once the harsh realities of the outside world are upon them once again. That is why there is supposed to be a continuum of care, where people can step down from a residential to an intensive outpatient program and receive the ongoing help they need.

We at Centered Recovery see great value in a “real-time recovery”, where clients have the opportunity to apply what they are learning on a daily basis at home, at work, and with their loved ones, rather than being in the bubble of a residential setting where integration with the outside world is nearly impossible until their program is over and it’s too late to address issues that may arise. Centered Recovery bridges the gap between the hypothetical and actual recovery.

We believe that anyone can change given the right information and tools for their situation.

We believe that there is more right with you than wrong with you by the simple fact that you are here.

We believe that innate health can be realized through mindful practices and daily application.

We believe that the present is much more valuable than the past, and that there is no better time than right now to start a new journey of not just recovery from substance abuse, but recovery of your true self.