Sobriety Shoes

Shoes come in different colors, sizes, and styles, and if they are too small, they will hurt and be uncomfortable.  Too big, and they are hard to keep on your feet and will also be uncomfortable.  Shoes that do not fit well don’t feel right.

So what do shoes have to do with recovery?

Just like your footwear, your recovery should be a good fit for you. What fits your friend, your parent, or your coworker may not be a good fit for you. And if your recovery plan feels like it doesn’t align with you, it may not be sustainable in the long run.  Although 12-Step and AA, NA models have dominated the addiction field, there are alternatives.  If traditional models work for you, great! If not, it may be time to explore what options are available to find what works for you.  Recovery is just as personal as a good fitting shoe. 

While some people believe that the 12 steps are the only way to get sober, just as many believe it will never work for them. It is because of this that the founders of Centered Recovery developed their unique mindfulness-based program that not only will enhance a 12 step journey, but can just as easily be the only recovery program a person may need. The program at Centered Recovery doesn’t exclude other paths and is often described by clients as being the “key component that was missing” to a traditional recovery model. 

If your recovery plan doesn’t fit just right for you, call Centered Recovery today for more information and to see if our mindfulness-based educational approach is the perfect fit. 

Susan Sanchez, MS, MSW Intern and Krista Smith, co-founder

If you would like to speak to one of the recovery experts at Centered Recovery and see if it might be the right fit for you, give us a call at 888.556.2966.