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What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness Meditation

Everyone has thoughts when they hear the word “meditation”. Some may think of it as too “weird” or “spiritual” or “boring”, but in reality, meditation it is one of the most positive things you can do for your mind and body. So what exactly is mindfulness meditation? 

Busy Life, Busy Mind

As humans, our lives are often busy day in and day out, attempting to control things about our reality that require a lot of attention. With Mindfulness Meditation, what we are trying to do here is bring the mind to the present moment rather than attending to all of our mental “things”.  You don’t have to be a monk in the Himalayan mountains to find peace! In fact, just 5-10 minutes a day to sit, breathe, and just be can help. And don’t worry about trying not to think! You can notice the movement of your mind, where it wanders, what you keep thinking about. Notice if your thinking seems to bring up any emotions. Maybe you start planning for the future or rehashing the past. Either way, just notice what comes up, and accept that that’s what is happening in the moment.

A Bit More Space

Just one meditation probably won’t help you achieve perfect serenity, but you might be better able to handle the challenges that life may throw at you that day. Having a bit more “space” in your head may allow for greater insight about the things that happen–which allows you time for healthier responses. The idea that the mind and body can work in harmony together is a cornerstone of most forms of meditation. By noticing your own thought processes, you are more able to notice friction within yourself creating emotions of anger, sadness, anxiety, or even happiness. Mindfulness Mediation is the practice of awareness of yourself in a mindful, nonjudgemental way…which can create a more pleasant and “centered” human experience.

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