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So, what’s playing in our cars? This one! The Primal Happiness Show, hosted by Lian Brook-Tyler and Jonathan Wilkinson, touch on everything from chronic pain, addiction, stress, relationships, parenting, and the seemingly never ending quest to be who you were meant to be! They don’t shy away from tough topics, they dive right in with sensitivity, grace, and brilliance, and there’s something worth listening to in every episode. And bonus! Our very own Reed Smith has been interviewed by Lian, you can listen to that here: Reed with Lian Brook Tyler on Born Happy . If you’re looking for a deep dive into important life topics from a mindful, beautiful, primal approach, you won’t want to miss this one! 

One of our faves to get started: Jamie Smart on The Primal Happiness Show 

From their website: 
“Just because we’re living in these crazy times, it doesn’t mean we can’t flourish here.We believe that living in this modern world doesn’t need to be a struggle… We believe you can live life in flow, bursting with motivation and purpose, and really, really happy.And when we say ‘believe’, we actually mean ‘we know’, because we experience this state ourselves… and so do our countless students who have tried our unique approach to reclaiming their Primal Happiness – all without having to move to a planet that’s not so crazy as ours!

We take people on an incredible journey to discover the fundamentals required to access our primal state.”

About the podcast: “This show is dedicated to helping you thrive in this crazy modern world! Every Tuesday we explore… The nature of how our minds really work… What exactly the human animal requires to thrive… And how we can actualise our deepest gifts! There’s nothing else like it!”