Reducing Fear

Article Takes a Fresh Look at Mindfulness in Recovery

Katelyn Newman, staff writer for U.S. News and World Report, has just published an article on Mindfulness in addiction recovery that highlights one of Centered’s very own past clients, Joe Fox*, who also contributes blogs about recovery and mindfulness to our website. 

Newman writes, “…mindfulness is the process of focusing one’s attention on the present to become more aware of thoughts, feelings and bodily responses, processing and accepting them without judgment…researchers across the country have been examining its potential to treat addiction by curbing cravings and reducing the risk and severity of relapse – and they’ve seen promising results.”

Willing to share

Clients such as Fox are often enthusiastically willing to share their experience of recovery with Centered, something that is sometimes hard to come by in the recovery industry for fear of stigma related to addiction, or employers or family members hearing what can often be very personal stories. Founder Reed Smith says, “Centered is grateful to every client and loved one who takes the time to share their story of recovery through mindfulness with us. We are endlessly grateful when clients come to see what we are sharing: that mindfulness isn’t just a “step” towards recovery, but a key element in unlocking mental and emotional health and breaking free from addiction for good.”

Breakthrough Research

“Researchers such as Katie Witkiewitz, Sarah Bowen, and Eric Garland were instrumental in helping me develop the Centered Recovery program,” says Krista Smith, CEO of Centered Recovery. “I read everything I could get my hands on relating to addiction, mindfulness, and holistic mental health, and their work was immensely exciting to me, because we had seen with our own eyes that this was working with our clients. To have that research backing up what we were doing, what was changing people’s lives for the better, was priceless.” Smith further notes that her facilities, located in Roswell and Marietta, use Outcomes Tracking with clients to gauge the efficacy of the program being used. Manager Colin Taschler notes, “The Outcomes have been really promising, really amazing. When I think about how many of our clients don’t just get sober, but really live, it’s an exciting thing to be a part of.”

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*name used with permission