What happens when you stop smoking?

Smoking Cessation is an important topic in recovery! Often, people put down one addiction only to start another, “less” harmful one, such as smoking. But a holistic recovery means not replacing addictions–and working towards good health for your body, mind, and spirit. In case you haven’t seen this, here are a few facts about what happens when you are able to kick the habit of smoking!


  • 20 minutes: Your blood pressure will decrease, which helps boost your blood circulation and blood flow to your feet and hands in just twenty minutes of finishing your last cigarette.
  • 8 hours: The levels of carbon monoxide found in your bloodstream will reduce by half, letting oxygen in to help get rid of bad bacteria and irritants, about eight hours after your last smoke.
  • 2 days: Your risk of having a heart attack will lower just two days after finishing your last cigarette. Your sense of taste and smell will also begin to improve.
  • 3 days: Your bronchial tubes will begin to relax and you will start breathing much easier within three days of finishing your last cigarette.
  • 2 weeks-2 months: You will find it easier to walk because your blood circulation will enhance and your lung function will improve about thirty percent between two weeks and two months of giving up smoking. The fiber regrowth in your bronchial tubes will increase your body’s ability to get rid of mucus and harmful bacteria that result in infections.
  • 1 year: Your likelihood of having a heart attack will decrease by half as well as your energy levels will be similar to those of a non-smoker within a year of giving up smoking.
  • 5 years: Your possibility of experiencing a stroke will greatly lower within five years of quitting smoking.
  • 10 years: The damage to your lungs will revert within ten years of giving up smoking. What’s more, at that stage, your likelihood of developing lung cancer will decrease to that of a non-smoker. Also, quitting smoking will remove thirty other chemicals (present in tobacco that are linked to cancer) from your body.

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