Finding mindfulness based recovery

Centered Recovery came to the metro Atlanta area two years ago with a dream:

to bring mindfulness based outpatient recovery to an area that so desperately needed it. But while we have only called Atlanta home for the past two years, this program was actually born over a decade ago, when the founders began their own personal quest for understanding and growth and came upon some realizations that turned their entire lives around for the better. In the last decade, we have studied and searched for the most cutting edge, peer reviewed science available in order to craft a program that is not just a good idea, but something solid, tangible and most importantly, life changing. Mindfulness is the avenue that our program travels, however, the actual education is so much more. 

Once seen as a “cute idea” by many in an industry that has relied on one method of treatment for over 80 years, so many recovery programs are now attempting to dive into the mindfulness arena with little more than a few educators who have attended a single training course. If you’re out there as a person who needs help, researching online for an alternative to the 12 steps or a mindfulness-based recovery program specifically, it may seem overwhelming that so many programs now appear to offer this. So how do you know which ones are real, meaningful, and will make a difference in your life or the life of your loved one? 

From its inception

From its inception, the Centered Recovery program has been built upon helping our clients develop a new way of life, a healthier path in all aspects. We are not exclusionary, believing that the path that speaks to you is the path that will work, and our job is to help you slow down long enough to be able to see that path clearly. Every person affiliated with our facility is trained in this understanding—from our owners to our clinicians, from our staff nurses to free support group facilitators. We don’t see mindfulness as a way to sell rehab or classes—we live and breathe it because it works, because it is the way to maturity, clarity, and real health in all areas of a person’s life. 

Meeting you where you are

Our intensive, 6 week psychoeducational program is specially designed to meet clients where they are using relatable stories and popular culture to help it make sense while being backed by the most proven neuropsychology and addiction psychology studies available. Our program is able to truly meet people where they are because it’s ALIVE, not a bland textbook or workshop written for a faceless majority without taking into consideration who is in the room.

Our group facilitators are specifically trained to acknowledge the people in front of them and make them a part of the journey, rather than just “teaching” at them and expecting them to keep up. If you’re an artist, we can relate this understanding to Magritte and Van Gogh. If you’re an athlete, we can talk about “the zone” and relate things you’ve heard from coaches since elementary school. If you’re a parent, there’s a slew of associations you have probably learned along the way but never realized were mindfulness in action. 

A natural byproduct

The Centered mindfulness program isn’t a series of techniques you must learn. It’s not sitting in fancy yoga pants in a mountain cave chanting. It’s not even about essential oils, although those smell nice! It’s a way of living, on purpose, intentionally, in every aspect, and the mental and emotional capacity to do so. The Centered mindfulness program is about building an emotionally and psychologically strong community where sobriety and health are a natural byproduct. 

If you have any questions about our program or about mindfulness in general, call 800-556-2966 to speak to a real, qualified mindfulness expert today.