What to expect on your first day at Centered

If you have scheduled an appointment to get started with Centered, you may be wondering what your first day will be like. The admissions appointment is very important, and we want to help make that as smooth as possible! 


If you haven’t already done so, make sure you fill out your application as a new client. That link can be found here. You can use the email address you provided to our Admissions Team over the phone and set up a password for your account at that time. This application is necessary, and often requires a few minutes to fill out, so most client prefer to fill this out at home prior to arrival to make the intake process go smoothly. It will ask a number of questions about your history, so you may need to reflect on dates and current medications, both of which are easier done from home. If the above link didn’t work, you can cut and paste this address to open the New Client Application: https://crmbeta.bestnotes.com/portal/crp

Appointment Times

Most of our admissions appointments begin between 9:30-11:00 AM in order to allow you to connect with all of the professionals that will be needed for your admissions process. Please allow at least 2 – 2.5 hours for your admission appointment. Please bring your ID and if using insurance, your insurance card. If you have a deductible for insurance or are self-paying, your payment will also be taken at this time. We accept the following methods of payment for both self-pay and insurance clients: cash, check, and most major credit cards. 


Labs are required by the state and by insurance providers for admission to Centered. These may include: urinalysis, breathalyzer, Tb (Tuberculosis) blood draw, RPR (blood draw). These labs are not optional for admission to our IOP/PHP programs. You may provide results from these labs from your previous detox/residential stay, provided they were drawn within the last 90 days. 

Medical Assessment

A short history and physical conducted by our Medical Team is also required for admission to our IOP/PHP program. This will include vital signs and questions of a personal nature, and is used to determine stability and eligibility for our program. This is covered by insurance or self pay options. 

Intake Paperwork

We all love paperwork! There are a few short forms that must be filled out to allow Centered to begin services with you. These are done with one of our Intake Team Members, and include an Admissions Agreement, Information about Individual Counseling, and the Fee Summary for services. You will also designate at least one Emergency Contact we may reach out to in case of any health emergency while in our facility. Please bring at least one name, phone number, and mailing address for a contact you wish to designate your Emergency Contact. 

Medication Information

Please do not bring any medications to the facility unless they are medically necessary during your appointment. If you need to show medication names and dosages to our Medical Team, take a photo with your smart phone or write the information down on a piece of paper to bring to our team rather than bring your med supply. 

After Admission

We will be emailing you with a welcome packet that includes our program schedule, our In Person Reservation system, and how to connect virtually if you are attending our Virtual Program. You can also ask any follow up questions via email or by calling 866.556.2966. If you are participating virtually, you may wish to download Zoom by clicking here. This app is free to you, and the version we use is completely HIPPA compliant and confidential. You will be accessing your Individual Clinical Sessions via Zoom, and if you are participating virtually, our classes are also broadcast via Zoom through an alternate link. 


Welcome to Centered Recovery! We hope you find the admissions process smooth and stress free, and that you are excited to begin what could be the most important journey of your life! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns prior to admission. 


If you’d like to check the status of your insurance to admit to Centered Recovery, please click HERE