Mindfulness Research Shows Effectiveness

If it seems like the term mindfulness is appearing more and more lately, it’s because it is. The reason is because people are finding that becoming more aware and present in each moment without judgment has incredible benefits.

Some tend to think these benefits are intangible or immeasurable, but there is actually a mountain of scientific research into the effectiveness of mindfulness. The number of studies including it have continued to increase dramatically in recent years, as seen here in this graph above. The American Mindfulness Research Association helps to support these studies as well as accumulate resources for people and promote the results.

In the substance abuse treatment and related healthcare fields, thought leaders are giving more credence to the presence of mindfulness practices, with many of them encouraging all clinicians to have some experience and understanding of them.

Truthfully, this is still just the tip of the iceberg. We have only just begin exploring the positive effects of teaching mindfulness to larger sections of our communities. People who participate in the Centered Recovery program and who are successfully applying the principles to their lives each day find that their friends, family members and co-workers notice a complete change in their being, and they become drawn to finding out more for themselves as well.

The thing is, it isn’t some mystical theory or complex application. We all have the tendency to try and make things much more complicated than they need to be, and by increasing awareness and understanding in the present moment we often find that the answers to challenges in life are usually very simple.

These are some of the reasons why mindfulness is not just something that we teach as part of our program, it is the foundation for everything in it. Beginning with non-judgmental present awareness makes anything possible, and recovery from substance abuse doesn’t end up being some elusive state, just a byproduct of your natural health.

Sobriety is within you. We can help you find it.