The possibility of relapse when it comes to substance abuse is unfortunately a very real experience for many people after they have completed treatment. For some, this may happen shortly after finishing an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program, while for others it may be after they have had a longer period of sobriety.

In any case, developing relapse prevention skills can be an effective way to help maintain stability in recovery and enjoy not only lasting sobriety, but a better overall quality of life as well.

Many treatment facilities believe that relapse is a part of recovery, and some even expect it. However, we know that this doesn’t have to be the case, and we have continually seen throughout history plenty of examples of people who never return to their old substance abuse patterns.

Developing Relapse Prevention Skills

At Centered Recovery, we address these issues throughout our program, from individual therapy sessions to groups and classes. People enrolled in our full-time treatment are able to take advantage of all that we have to offer, and those participating in part-time programs benefit from much of it as well. But what about those who are not in need of active treatment but could use additional relapse prevention skills?

For this other category, we offer our special 6 week program that currently runs on Thursday afternoons from 1-4 PM. This special program was designed uniquely and specifically for Centered Recovery clients by our facilitator who is not only certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques, but is also a licensed therapist.

Relapse Prevention Essentials

  • Recognize Triggers and Signals
  • Develop Coping Skills
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Reinforce Strengths and Recovery Motives
  • Social Engagement for Support

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