Many times people who are seeking treatment for substance abuse require detoxification as their first step. Depending on the substance, withdrawal symptoms can be moderate to severe, and some can even be deadly. However, not everyone who goes to detox in Georgia needs to then check into a residential program, as it may be more appropriate to stay locally and participate in a full-time day treatment program instead, or even intensive outpatient treatment.

We work with local detox centers to help with admissions and discharge planning to ensure that each client receives the best level of care possible and that there is a seamless transition through the treatment continuum from one facility to another.

When is Detox Necessary?

Substances most often requiring a medical detox/stabilization period before entering our program include heroin, painkillers (and other opiates), benzodiazepines (Xanax, etc.) and heavier amounts of alcohol.

The average length of stay at a detox center depends on the amount and frequency of the substances used. Alcohol detox is generally about 5 days, while heroin and other opiate are usually about 7 days. Benzos take longer (about 10 days), and all of these have additional factors such as multiple drugs being used and any other prescriptions that are taken that can affect the detox protocols.

Clients who are more binge users who may go many days or weeks in between use may not need to go to a medical detox facility first. Most users of cocaine, meth, amphetamines (Adderall, etc.) do not require detox either, but all substances have withdrawal symptoms and there will be an adjustment period that is part of the natural detox process.

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