Centered Recovery Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Life can sometimes seem to be full of contradictory truths. For example, our first year of helping people transform their lives at Centered Recovery seems like it took forever to get here, yet went by in a flash. Similarly, the process of recovery may feel like a complex eternity, but can also happen at any given moment with some fundamental awareness.

Of course much of this boils down to perception, and with increased understanding comes a greater ability to perceive.

We are very grateful for being able to be here and share these gifts of present moment awareness and understanding with others.

This past week was exciting and busy and we barely had time to stop and acknowledge what we have been able to accomplish together thus far, which is a good thing. Thank you to all of our staff, clients, family members, service providers, colleagues and mentors who have helped along the way. We look forward to working with even more in the years to come, wherever there are people seeking the kind of treatment help we provide.