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The Importance of Caring for Yourself

Caring for Yourself

How full is your cup? Is it overflowing with gratitude, abundance, and unconditional love? Or is it depleted, running dry, and leaving you with nothing to give? The importance of caring for yourself is often overlooked in our daily lives, and leaves many people suffering. 

Logically, we can’t pour from an empty cup. So when we feel ourselves reaching the point of burn out (and preferably much, much sooner), it’s crucial that we ask ourselves how full our own cup is. When we are lacking the necessary support, care, and energy needed to keep us moving forward, we often get stuck in a rut and tend to blame ourselves, or think something is wrong with us.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that we are simply tired. We’re worn out and we need a break. So, just like we have to fill up our cars with gasoline when they’re approaching empty and charge our phones when the battery is running low, we too have to give ourselves this same replenishment.

So, how do we do that? Well, think about what makes you feel refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the day. Here’s a list of some of my own self-care practices that I love incorporating into my days and weeks!


It’s crucial for survival and feels SO good when we finally allow ourselves to get the rest our body is craving! It’s important that we listen to our bodies and allow it the time needed, no matter if it is out of our normal sleep range. When we are chronically low on energy, we will require more sleep to repair tissues and recharge the body.


The food we eat becomes the house we live in… seriously! Our bodies use the nutrients from the food we consume to recreate cells and fuel organ functions. This means that it is incredibly important for us to be consuming a healthy diet. When we neglect this aspect of life, our bodies suffer, therefore we inevitably do, as well. By taking care of our bodies, our bodies will in turn take care of us.


We all know that we’re mostly made of water so it’s no surprise that we need a lot of it to stay alive and even more, vibrant and healthy! When we do not receive proper hydration, we may experience light headedness, mind fog, fatigue, mental unrest, and much more. It is recommended that we consume at least half of our body weight in ounces of water each day. You can even set reminders for yourself throughout the day to keep you on track if that helps!


How we spend our morning sets the tone for the rest of our day. It’s important that we take the necessary time to check in with ourselves first before answering to the long list of people and tasks we have to get back to. Every person’s morning will look different, but it’s encouraged just to do what brings you peace and encourages you to be fully present. Staying off of your phone and avoiding bright light is recommended.


Taking time to be intentionally mindful is one of the most significant ways we can not only increase our overall health but also experience a heightened sense of peace and presence in whatever it is we are experiencing. Start with two to five minutes and then slowly work your way up from there. With consistent commitment, you’ll quickly notice how effortless the practice can truly be! You may even find yourself looking forward to it in the future!


Regular physical movement is SO NECESSARY for our bodies to remain in optimal condition. If we don’t use it, it won’t maintain itself… kind of like a car. Allowing yourself even just 10-15 minutes of movement each day is astronomically helpful to your circulatory system. This allows everything within the body to flow properly, keeping blood (and energy) from clogging up and blocking important passages for it to move through.


The greatest recommendation I can make pertaining to self care will always be to listen internally to your own body and it’s signals. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us and telling us what they need (or don’t need) and it is our responsibility to learn the language of our body so that we can respond to it with beneficial behavior. There are many indicators the body has to let us know what it needs. By learning what these are, we can release the blame on ourselves and perspective that we are “broken,” and return to living in alignment with our bodies.

When we can learn the symptoms and signals of our body in regards to a lack of self care, we can begin to understand that it is not “just the way things are now” or a side effect of getting old. It is simply that we have just forgotten to care for ourselves in the way that we need to. Recognizing this is so liberating because now that we know where we are, we know what to do.


When you remember to, continually ask yourself throughout each phase of your day, “What is my body signaling to me that I need in this moment?” or “How can I show myself the love and care that I need right now?” These questions are so helpful in keeping up consciously aware of our mental, physical, and emotional health and serve as a guide for what steps to take next in caring for ourselves.

Needless to say, honoring each of these practices with a positive attitude and optimistic mindset will propel us into a state of being we may have never even imagined possible for ourselves. It’s ultimately our choice how well we take care of ourselves but that level of care will reflect into everything that we do! When our cup is full, we have the ability to pour out to others the love and care we so often want to give them. Just remember, taking care of yourself is equally as important so we can continue to be there for those we love!

by Ashton D., Mindfulness Group Facilitator

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