Mindfulness Monday

Mindful Mondays

Mindfulness for all

Centered Recovery is dedicated to helping make mindfulness accessible and easy to understand for everyone, even if you aren’t in our mindfulness-based program or already a mindfulness seeker. We truly believe that understanding your own psychological process can help eliminate the suffering that plagues so many people, whether they be in recovery or not! Anxiety, depression, workaholism, gambling issues, shopping addictions, and more can be overcome through understanding how your reality is created and how your mental health can be supported. Mindfulness is a simple gateway to this understanding, as well as to balanced mental, emotional, and even physical health!

From now on, we will be sharing Mindful Mondays on our Instagram and Facebook pages. These are small tips designed to help get your week jump started in the right direction. Typically just a few minutes a day is all you need to access the peace and calm that is already within. 

If you have a favorite mindfulness tip that you’d like to see featured, message us! Follow us on Instagram or use the hashtag #getcentered to find us!