The Best Outpatient Program

When there are thousands of choices, which one is best?

Many families that call us have so many questions about drug treatment programs simply because most of us never stop to consider what drug treatment might include until we need it for ourselves or our loved one…and when that happens we are usually in a place of emotional turmoil and urgency. So what are some of the questions that you should be asking your IOP or PHP treatment program to ensure you get the best possible treatment? When you want the best IOP program, here are some things to consider:

What is the duration of the program? While most people are eager to be finished with their program as quickly as possible in an effort to get back to work, their family, and their every day lives, studies have shown that the longer duration programs have the highest rates of success. There are many options for length of program, from 30 days to 12 months, and while anything is better than nothing, one has to consider the fact that for the first few days or weeks of treatment for an addiction there is often a physical factor that may hinder emotional and psychological progress. Imagine trying to take a college course while you have the flu. Your body aches, you aren’t sleeping well, you are physically worn out with aches and pains. Many people who begin shorter substance abuse programs find that they aren’t even feeling well enough to participate until the third week, at which point they have little time left in treatment.

Additionally, addiction is something that touches all aspects of your life, and with longer time to process and a better understanding of what caused the addiction in the first place, the chances for lasting change go up significantly. This simply can’t be rushed. The best IOP programs understand that calendar based treatment programs are archaic, and fail to take into consideration the needs of the person. You want to find a program who treats you like an individual, not just another number on the calendar.

Is the program individually tailored to my needs? To receive the best possible treatment for you or your loved one, it’s imperative that the treatment plan be customizable for your personal needs. The flexilbility of an IOP or PHP program is attractive for many who have a job or personal responsibilities at home that they can’t afford to be away from, and many program offer flexible scheduling to ensure you get the program you need in a way that fits seamlessly into your life. But even more important, ask if you are able to get the one-on-one treatment hours that you may need, and if those are able to be adjusted as needs arise. Some weeks may be harder than others, and you don’t want to be stuck in a program that doesn’t acknowledge your personal needs. Are you able to get the educational classes you need to understand your addiction, and the adjunct services that are proven to help aid in recovery? If you aren’t excited about horses, then do you really need a program which includes equine therapy? Think about the things that interest you, whether it is art therapy, group discussions, yoga, time for meditation, or nature, and make sure your program offers those things. The best IOP program is the one that fits your individual needs best, but remember to keep an open mind about things you’ve never tried before.

What is the group therapy like? In addition to individual therapy, most programs offer group therapy as a way for people to come together, share with others without judgement, and learn from one another. Are the groups led by a qualified addiction specialist, or just someone who has battled their own addiction in the past? While everyone certainly has wisdom to share, you want to find a program which employs and uses qualified addiction specialists in every role to ensure that they are able to help you move past your own addiction issues rather than just being able to empathize. You wouldn’t go to a doctor for your flu who merely had experienced his own bout with flu in the past, so why would you choose a rehab that simply hired people who have been where you are now? The most effective group therapy is compassionate, informative, and educational for both mind and spirit. You don’t need to settle for less than that. The best IOP program hires licensed professionals who have studied human behaviors and addictions, have proven track records in the field, and who genuinely care about their clients as individuals, whether in group settings or one on one.

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