In the behavioral healthcare field there is a shortage of services available for people seeking help, especially for substance abuse treatment. This is true not only in the Atlanta, GA area but in most places throughout the country.

The majority of people who do receive some sort of treatment do so in an outpatient setting. Research has shown that outpatient rehabilitation programs can be just as effective for people as inpatient centers, especially when considering the number of days in treatment are often cut short in a residential setting to only be 30 days. Also, insurance companies are working to shorten those days even more, usually with about 7 days for detox and 10 days residential.

Long-Term Treatment

The varying levels of care available in an outpatient program range from full-time treatment to intensive outpatient and then weekly outpatient. These allow for a gradual step-down of services as people continue to progress while keeping them engaged in treatment for many more weeks or months. This long-term approach is an effective method in helping to achieve sobriety goals.

This also allows for what we all “real-time recovery,” meaning that instead of finishing treatment in a bubble and getting thrown back into the mix of the everyday stress and struggles of life, they have an opportunity to gradually address these situations and adjust/correct behavior over time until things improve.

For people who absolutely do need inpatient detox and/or residential treatment to become stabilized enough to do our program, we have a variety of relationships with facilities that we can connect you up with to best fit your needs, both in and outside of the state. Upon completion, then the length and frequency of treatment at our program can vary for each person, based on medical and clinical necessity as well as other life obligations.

If you are seeking help and not sure whether you need an inpatient program first, contact our admissions department today for more information and help get answers to your questions.