Have You Been Ordered by the Court to Complete a Rehab Program?

In the last decade or so it has become much more common for nonviolent drug offenders to be deferred to treatment rather than initially being incarcerated. This is usually a good thing, as people can and do recover when given the opportunity and the right motivation and resources.

Court-ordered treatment produces better results than mandatory jail time. Most people with substance abuse problems need real help, not to be locked up.

Centered Recovery works with people who are compelled to treatment via an order from a judge or pre-arrangement through their attorney and the prosecutor. In most cases, people have a choice what program they want to participate in, and we offer outpatient treatment to meet a variety of schedules and demands for participation.

Screening, Assessments and Drug Testing

Court-ordered rehab clients are often required to have ongoing screenings, assessments and drug testing procedures. Our professional treatment staff includes Masters-level Clinicians and full-time nursing coverage and can provide accurate reporting to satisfy the demands of the courts. We also have professional lab services to be able to get more detailed information for drug testing in addition to our instant drug screens.

Flexible Schedules and Variable Lengths of Treatment

Whether someone is ordered to complete a 30-day program or something more long-term, we have multiple levels of care we can provide. With treatment schedules ranging full-time, 5 days per week to part-time, 3 days per week, we can usually accommodate our clients’ needs and availability for our educational classes, individual and group therapies, mindfulness practices, neurofeedback, and more.

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