Working professionals sometimes get overlooked in a typical treatment setting. Either they’re expected to drop everything and go away for a month or more to a residential facility or they are not provided with a level of service they come to expect in their daily lives. They see their own need for improvement and want to get better, but have to continue fulfilling their other duties on their jobs and often at home as well.

While it is true that more sever substance use disorders do warrant long-term inpatient treatment, the reality is that it is less often the case than previously thought. It turns out that working in spurts can be an effective strategy for treatment as well.

We understand that not everyone can immediately adhere to a standardized schedule, which is why we try to be flexible and accommodating for people who have a desire to improve their lives through a mindfulness-based recovery program.

Choosing a Path to Recovery

After completing any necessary detox or withdrawal period, professionals seeking treatment should also work in being able to adjust their schedules to be able to block off times for treatment. We work with individuals to help determine what would be the most effective way to make progress in their recovery and take advantage of the range of services we provide while also balancing their own careers and family life.

If you are a professional seeking treatment for a substance abuse problem, contact us today to find out how our program can not only help you in your recovery, but also to learn principles and practices that you can apply to improve all aspects of life.