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Executives and business owners often lead very busy lives, with pressures and demands from work and family that can seem daunting. Top performers in their field, executives often feel the stress of doing what it takes to remain on top. But in fact, people who log long hours are about 12% more likely to become heavy drinkers. Do executives and business owners need addiction and alcohol treatment? Of course they do! Should they attend the first program they hear about? Likely not, for many reasons. Read below to understand the key to selecting the best executive addiction program. 

Why Executives need Executive Treatment

Work Stress Addiction Treatment Atlanta

  • Peer Support: Addiction and mental health treatment includes finding peer support, as it has been shown to be a key component of many existing addiction treatment and recovery approaches. In order to find your peers, you need to find other individuals in a similar life phase, who can at least relate to the kinds of pressures your work, family, and lifestyle demands. While it can be beneficial to connect with anyone in recovery, finding people you connect with who are going through similar challenges will almost always be more beneficial. 
  • Hiding Behind Success: Many executives, as well as their loved ones, may brush off or overlook warning signs of mental health and addiction issues simply because they seem so successful at work. “High Functioning” people with Alcohol Use Disorder or Substance Use Disorder are still putting their health, and their lives, at risk by not seeking treatment. 
  • Greater Risk: While executives such as CEOs and other leaders may seem to “have it all”, the shocking truth is that they might be at a larger risk for mental health issues. Some studies have even shown that CEOs and top executives may be depressed at more than double the rate of the general public. Unfortunately, depression may be viewed as a weakness, and high-powered individuals often do not want to admit vulnerability and seem weak to their family or peers. 
  • Self Medication to Addiction: It is well known that many who use alcohol or other substances do so in order to find relief for stress, anxiety, and depression which can be rampant in high paced careers. This type of “quick fix” can easily turn into a life-threatening addiction issue that there is no quick way to resolve. The stigma of addiction can make high-powered individuals reluctant to admit even to themselves that they have a problem. 
  • Higher Education, More Skepticism: Executives are often highly educated, and as such may have a harder time believing in claims about treatments that are not backed by evidence. They may question the idea that one has to “admit” that they have a disease, as if they are guilty of something, knowing that no other disease requires regular identification and confession of having it. Addiction programs geared specifically towards executives and more mature clientele tends to provide more evidence and research to support their program, as well as be more open-minded to other modalities and ways of finding success. 

Know All Your Options

Every licensed treatment facillity must pledge to ensure that their clients have Informed consent about their treatment. Informed consent requires that potential patients must be provided with a variety of treatment options, along with information about the expected outcomes of each, in order for them to choose what they feel is right for them. To not provide this information makes for ineffectual treatment. However, most traditional facilities simply cite the 12 steps as the standard for treatment of addiction issues, despite it being well-documented that it is not the best or the most effective treatment for everyone. Some programs even claim that asking too many questions about the program means you won’t be successful in treatment! 

In studies, mindfulness-based program and the standard relapse-prevention program were both more successful at reducing relapse than the 12-step program. One year later, the mindfulness-based program proved better than the other two in reducing drinking and drug use. There are a number of well-documented and researched modalities which are proven to be more effective than the 12 step model, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Relapse Prevention programs, and Mindfulness-based programs. The program at Centered combines all three, along with things like cutting edge neuroscience because it seems negligent to leave out anything valuable and meaningful that may help our clients. We are dedicated to consistently growing and learning more about addiction, recovery, habits, and mental health as part of our efforts to always be able to provide the most accurate and useful information to every client we meet. No other fields of medicine simply rely on ideas first dreamed up over a hundred years ago–science and medicine are perpetually moving forward as technology and education advances. Why should addiction treatment be any different? 

Centered Recovery Science Backed Treatment

Additionally, treatment at Centered is inclusive of anything you wish to include as part of your recovery journey, including 12 step meetings, SMART Recovery meetings, anti-craving medications, oversight by an addictionologist, and more. We know that peer support meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART, and Recovery Dharma are provided completely free to the public, and as such may hold value for anyone who wishes to attend. However, as a full PHP/IOP/OP addiction treatment program which insurance covers and some of our clients elect to self-pay for, we do not provide any services that a person can get for free as part of our program. We will happily connect any client to a meeting near them if they desire!

Where do executives go for Residential Addiction Treatment? 

We are often asked if we offer Executive Residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Atlanta at Centered Recovery. While we are not a residential facility, we do offer  Executive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs! Typically outpatient programs follow a residential treatment program, so what are the top reviewed Executive Residential Drug Treatment programs in the country? 

Unique Needs for Executives

The needs of an executive needing residential addiction treatment can be unique. Privacy is usually a top priority, as public perception can have real world ramifications in their professional life. Executives also typically need access to computers or phones to coordinate with their business at home, whereas most residential treatment facilities have strict policies regarding outside contact and access to personal devices. Additionally, top executives, public figures, and celebrities often have become accustomed to finer foods and surroundings and may feel uncomfortable in more utilitarian or hospital-type environments. 

Top Rated Executive Rehab Facilities

There are many residential treatment programs in Atlanta and across the US to choose from. Here are the highest ranked executive residential programs in the United States today: 

  • Silver Ridge

Executive Addiction Treatment Residential

With 4.4 stars in Google Reviews, Silver Ridge is one of the top ranked executive residential treatment facilities in the US. Located a short drive away near Asheville, NC. From their website:
Silver Ridge specializes in providing clinically effective addiction treatment for professional adults suffering from substance abuse issues. The Silver Ridge program focuses on the well-being of the whole person by providing a safe place free from the pain of addiction through the encouragement of personal exploration and therapeutic practices.

  • Cliffside Malibu

Cliffside Malibu Executive Addiction Treatment

With 4 stars, Cliffside Malibu is one of the top rated residential treatment facilities in the country for executives. From their website: Cliffside Malibu employs a three-fold approach to addiction treatment that creates the foundation for lasting recovery. One, we employ intensive one-on-one psychotherapy using the Stages of Change model. Two, we complement intensive therapy with carefully chosen, evidence-based holistic treatments. Third, we employ the first two tools together to create changes in the brain consistent with the ways neuroscience research suggests addiction can be overcome. Together, this treatment protocol is synergistic, creating treatment outcomes that are more effective than any individual part on its own.

  • Deer Hollow Recovery

Deer Hollow Executive Addiction Treatment

With 4.7 stars, Deer Hollow is the highest reviewed Residential Executive Addiction Treatment facility on our list. Located in Draper, Utah. From their website: Deer Hollow adheres to cutting edge, evidence based, best practice intensive trauma programming. We address the mental and emotional well-being of our clients through our intensive program. By participating in our unique formulary of clinical groups, we are able to teach the client how to recognize unhealthy patterns, learn more effective coping skills, and give them the opportunity to practice these new approaches in a supportive and therapeutic environment.

After Residential Treatment

After detox, residential, or stabilization, Centered Recovery offers an executive outpatient addiction treatment center in Atlanta which has flexible scheduling and privacy for busy executives with an engaging, cutting edge Educational/Skills Building program that is life changing for even the most discerning client. If you’d like more information about our outpatient addiction recovery program or a recommendation for another top Residential Program, call us at 1-800-556-2966 today.