The Heroin Triangle

The opioid epidemic is very real. Tens of thousands of people are dying from using these drugs every year. Centered Recovery provides a unique solution to substance abuse with a mindfulness-based, non-12 step approach. Although our first location is based in the Atlanta area, people from other states also attend our program through partnership with sober living providers locally. For more information about our program or to get help for a loved one, call us at 1-800-556-2966.

UPDATE: A&E’s groundbreaking show Intervention is based in Atlanta this season and focuses on the Heroin Triangle. View their first episode here.

The Heroin Triangle series has highlighted the need for more intervention and treatment solutions.

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Atlanta’s local NBC affiliate, 11Alive, has produced an in-depth series about the heroin problem facing the northern suburbs. It is called the Heroin Triangle, and it includes four video segments and detailed narrative about the very real problem here in the South.

Researchers found that, like other areas around the country, the number of deaths attributed to heroin and other opioids has skyrocketed in the north Atlanta suburbs. In fact, these drugs killed more people in counties inside The Triangle than murders and car accidents combined in 2015.

For several years many people have denied that the opiate addiction plague had settled into Georgia, but it can no longer be ignored. The lives being affected, and taken, come from all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds. Substance abuse does not discriminate.

Of the five heroin addicts that were featured in this series, all of them overdosed at least once. Two of them eventually died from their drug use, and one is now serving a long-term prison sentence for trafficking.

There has literally never been a greater need in the Atlanta metro area for effective addiction treatment programs than there is now. That is why we  founded Centered Recovery Programs here, and we intend to share our program with many more locations in the future. Centered Recovery Programs is a non-12 step treatment program using mindfulness and cutting edge clinical research, with a specific goal of being a treatment alternative when traditional recovery programs have been unsuccessful.



11Alive has updated the investigation and produced new content about the triangle growing, and the episodes are shared here.