Online Treatment Now Available!

Do you live in a rural area or some other part of Georgia and wish you there was a program like ours near you? Well now there is! Centered Recovery Programs now has the ability to deliver outpatient (OP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment for people in Georgia who have substance abuse issues and are seeking an alternative 12 steps.

Our interactive set-up allows you to participate in each group rather than just watch videos or be a silent bystander. You get the same program facilitators and individual therapists as if you lived close by and drove to one of our facilities.

Although there have been precedents in other states for online treatment, this may be the first one for people in Georgia. The decision to set it up came from the inquiries we kept getting from people in places like Athens, Jasper, Macon, Columbus, Augusta, Dalton, Rome, Savannah and other towns who wish they had something like this near them. There are also others who live in more remote parts of the state who have no structured treatment programs to attend on an outpatient basis.

As telemental health and telemedicine become more widely used and accepted, this format will wind up being able to help many more people across the country. Laws are currently prohibitive to services being provided within the state of licensure for the programs and therapists, but that will likely change one day. Until then, we’ll continue adding this service to each new state we open a physical Centered Recovery location in.

While this isn’t a solution for everyone, it does make the program available to many more people who would like to participate. For more information, contact Centered Recovery Programs today at 1-800-556-2966!