Centered Recovery welcomes Holly Couch

Centered Recovery welcomes

Holly Couch

to our Marietta location!

Holly will offer an exclusive women’s support group, Leading Women, for women whose spouse’s or significant others are in recovery or still dealing with addiction. This group is offered completely free to the community in a safe, comfortable, confidential environment. Topics focus on tackling codependency in relationships, loving someone through their addiction, the guilt and shame that often accompanies addiction and recovery, and keeping up with your own mental and physical health while taking care of your loved one. The first meeting will be January 9 from 6-7 PM at 1000 Piedmont Road (near Sprayberry High School) in Marietta. Light refreshments will be provided.

About Holly:

Holly has a B.S. in Psychology, is a Certified Personal Coach, Desire Map Facilitator, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, and an Entrepreneur in the Biohacking and Nutrigenomics sectors of the Wellness Industry. She has worked extensively on herself and with her private clients to gain awareness around and rise above codependent habits that prevent people from living truly fulfilling and extraordinary lives.
Her Enlightened Codependent Program includes deep emotional healing, self-awareness, compassion for self and others, cultivation of positive emotions through mindfulness practices, finding your passion and purpose and tools for designing your life around how you most want to feel. Her highest intention is for you to get excited about your life and to gain a sense of self-efficacy, even under challenging circumstances.
Holly also works privately with clients on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level to optimize their mindset, psychological flexibility, beliefs, and physical health in a holistic approach to living an extraordinary life. She is passionate about being a powerful co-creator in her client’s lives, helping them to move powerfully forward, with vision, passion, purpose, and joy.