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Experiencing anxiety, depression, burnout, or relationship issues? Want a reset button for 2020? 

Centered Recovery is excited to announce the launch of a truly unique opportunity in order to help serve people beyond the state of Georgia: the Transformational Group Program. The Transformational Group Program includes virtual access to the live classes that are renowned for their innovation and truly transformative nature. No matter where you are in the world, you can gain access to 3 three hour groups each week for 30 days and truly transform your life! 

There are 4 morning sessions and 3 evening sessions available weekly to choose from (see below). Additionally, all videos will be hosted for future viewing, allowing access to three unique groups per week. If you choose to stream the live groups, you’ll be able to participate in the group and ask questions. 

Cost: $2000 for a full month of Transformational Groups, 36 hours of life changing exploration. 

Call 678-977-0558 to get connected today! 


Monday 9 AM – 12 PM EST

Tuesday 9 AM – 12 PM EST

Thursday 9 AM – 12 PM EST

Friday 9 AM – 12 EST    


Tuesday 6 PM – 9 PM EST

Wednesday 6 PM – 9 PM EST

Thursday 6 PM – 9 PM EST

This program is not for professional use. No part of the Transformational Groups may be recorded or shared with other audiences. No part of the Transformational Groups may be duplicated or sold.