June Calendar of Events @ Centered Recovery

Summer is finally here, and with warmer temps, Centered Recovery is heating things up in the recovery world.

We’re so excited about our new schedule, which allows our clients, past or present, to deepen their understanding of clarity and mental health resilience in new ways with Friday Experientials. Friday afternoons at CRP will be open from 1-4 PM for all CRP clients to come enjoy some amazing classes, connect with others, and continue their education.

We’ve also opened up a group for clients to bring their spouse, significant other, or family member along to join the dialogue, and learn about addiction and recovery the Centered way. Check out the calendar for June and stay tuned for our July calendar!

Don’t forget Monday evenings from 6-7 PM at 1250 Upper Hembree Road, Suite E (Roswell location of Centered Recovery), we’re hosting the world’s first Centered Recovery Meeting, a free support group for those who are struggling with addiction or are in recovery. This month our own Mayer Harris will be leading the group, and more groups are already forming! Whether you’ve been a client of Centered Recovery or are just searching for something different…this group is for you!