What to look for in a sober friend

What to look for in a Sober Friend

What to Look Out for in a Sober Friend

As human beings, we are meant to feel connected both to life and to others. Oftentimes in early recovery, we can feel somewhat disconnected and overwhelmed by uncertainty of the unknown. When deciding to get sober, we say goodbye to a lot of aspects of life as we have known it. Therefore, it can serve us greatly to find connections in others who are also walking on the path of sobriety. Here is what to look for in a sober friend.

Healthy Character Traits

There is a saying that states: “Your new life is going to cost you your old one.” In recovery, it is important that you look out for connections that match the healthy characteristics that you are looking to enhance within yourself. Deep connections take authenticity and are genuine. So reflect on what healthy traits you would like to enhance within yourself and search for those qualities in others. Some healthy characteristics include: stability, honesty, integrity and authenticity. 

Connecting Through Hobbies

Recovery does not mean your life is “over”. In fact, you will find many experience quite the opposite. Sobriety allows you to connect to a greater amount of energy and vitality within yourself. Therefore, look to connect with others who can share in similar hobbies and healthy activities with you. 

From Facebook to Meetup, there are online forums designed to help you connect with others that share in your hobbies. Make a list of healthy hobbies and search for similar events around town. Connecting through shared interests is a great way to find a supportive, sober friend!

Follow Your Intuition

Oftentimes, we can feel dragged down from the hustle of the outside world. It can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and from our inner world. Recovery allows you the opportunity to reconnect with your innate health and power. And one of those super powers is your intuition. Gravitate towards those who make your heart expand. Surround yourself with people who make you smile and dream big. 

Remember Patience

Good things take time. By prioritizing yourself and your needs, you may find that time for you doesn’t leave much time for other people.. and that is okay! Continue working on yourself and you will find that others who respect that same activity within themselves will start gravitating towards you. 

Never forget that you are not alone in your sobriety. But if you are looking for some extra support (and maybe a new sober friend) you can always start at our Centered Support Meetings. These support meetings are held every Saturday from 12PM – 1PM EST. Follow our MeetUp link below for more information: 


Whatever it is you do to get involved, do it full heartedly and enjoy yourself!