Centered Recovery Success Rate

What is the success rate of your program?

Success Rate

One of the most common questions we get asked at Centered Recovery is “What is the success rate of your mindfulness based addiction treatment program?” We understand how important this question is to anxious families who want the best possible treatment for their loved ones. Centered Recovery is ecstatic to announce an 80-86% success rate among their alumni who completed the program! For comparison’s sake, the Cochrane review notes that “evidence suggests that 42 % of participants participating in AA would remain completely abstinent one year later.” Other posted success rates for AA have been as terrifyingly low as just 5-10%. Using the same published methods, the success rate for Centered is more than double that of the highest reported success rate of the traditional 12 step program. 

How is a success rate determined

Regardless of what numbers are claimed by any treatment program, you should understand how the success rate was calculated. Sobriety is often self-reported via alumni surveys, as programs are usually not able to get regular weekly (or more) drug tests for valid proof. This is the case with our success rate as well. Our Alumni Program includes weekly, and then monthly, check ins with all discharged clients of Centered Recovery. In addition to providing After Care services for all program alumni, we ask if they were able to remain sober, if they had any slip ups, or if they need any additional support from us. We strongly feel that our policy of no judgment or labeling clients who struggle to remain sober creates an environment where they can feel comfortable telling us the truth about whether or not they remained sober over the past month. At Centered Recovery, “falling off the wagon” is treated as a slip-up and an opportunity to learn and grow beyond whatever mis-steps occurred. Clients are warmly welcomed either back to the program, to our facility for a conversation or check in, or to our free Centered Support Group for additional care. 

All Alumni Count

At Centered Recovery, we calculate the success of our Alumni by including every single client who completed their prescribed program. If you only watched a few minutes of a movie, you couldn’t accurately say you watched the movie! For clarity’s sake, we singled out those clients who didn’t complete our program for one reason or another–perhaps they needed a higher level of care, or they had external emergencies outside of our control. For complete transparency, the number of clients who did not complete their full program with Centered was approximately 6.9%. We do not count that number in our “Success” rate, or in our “Relapse” rate, that amount is simply removed. 

Total Transparency

For further transparency, we include those clients who may have had a short relapse after completing our program–defined as less than 48 hours of relapse–but were able to regain sobriety and continue on living a successful, sober life. Clients were ONLY counted in this number if they were able to get “back on track” on their own, without outside intervention, and reportedly maintained sobriety beyond that. Our current rate of “Back on Track” clients is 6.2%. We feel strongly that even though this small percentage may not have had perfect sobriety, they are indeed a success story!! What they learned in Centered Recovery’s mindfulness based, non 12 step addiction program allowed them to recognize the spiral that was beginning, understand what was happening and what they needed to do to regain balance and quality mental health! What an amazing win, especially for many clients who had previously spent many, many years drinking or using substances, and who often had completed upwards of 5 other drug treatment programs before coming to Centered! 

Are You Ready for Success? 

If you are truly ready to change your life and live without the shackles of drugs or alcohol, and you want a proven method that has one of the highest rates of any addiction treatment in the country (and with the stats to back up that claim!), give us a call today at 800-556-2966.