Best Detox Facilities

Best Detox Facilities near Alpharetta

Detox Facilities for Substances 

If you are beginning your addiction recovery journey, you may be searching for the best detox facility in the Metro Atlanta area. Beginning any recovery journey can be daunting, but feeling certain that you have chosen the best possible place to comfortably and safely detox from substances or alcohol is a great start. So what are the best detox facilities in Atlanta? While Centered Recovery does not provide detoxification services to our clients, we work with all of the best detox facilities in the area, so we have first hand knowledge of their services, facilities, and staff. 

Top-rated Detox Facilities on Google

Here are the top rated detox facilities in Atlanta: 

From their website: Atlanta Detox Center is a free-standing medical detoxification and inpatient facility. Since we are neither a hospital setting nor a “lock-up” facility, you can feel comfortable and at ease in our addiction recovery center location. We promote healing, wellness, and lasting recovery through both our peaceful environment and our evidence-based substance abuse treatment program.

From their website: Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery offers a top detox program (for) individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Located in Ball Ground, near Atlanta, Georgia, Blue Ridge provides a full spectrum of care, offering lasting recovery.

From their website:Sunrise Detox provides professional, compassionate medical detox in the most comfortable setting possible, for all drug and alcohol dependencies. We’ll get you detoxed and into rehab or treatment. 

Detox Before an Outpatient Recovery Program

Typically, clients who are in active addiction may need some additional help getting stabilized while detoxing from substances or alcohol prior to beginning outpatient services at Centered Recovery. That’s why we recommend these facilities to our clients–because we know that their knowledgeable, caring staff, clean, comfortable facilities, and expertise will help make the detox process a much smoother journey. We know that beginning this process can be scary, so if you have any questions about detox or the outpatient addiction recovery services that Centered Recovery provides, please feel free to reach out to our team at 800-556-2966.