What is Non 12 step recovery?

What does Non 12 Step Recovery Mean?

Non 12 Step Recovery

If you have researched addiction recovery, you have probably come across many 12 step programs. Indeed, Alcoholics Anonymous/12 Steps are the most commonly used programs in addiction treatment in the United States. The 12 steps are a great program for all those it works for! However, there are many for whom the 12 steps leaves unaided. In an article written for The Atlantic, Jake Flanigan delves into the “failures of the 12 steps.”  “Peer reviewed studies peg the success rate of AA somewhere between five and 10 percent,” writes Dodes. “About one of every 15 people who enter these programs is able to become and stay sober.”

So, what does Non 12 Step Recovery Mean? 

Centered Recovery offers a non 12 step, mindfulness-based recovery program at our facilities in the Metro Atlanta area. While we are not anti-12 step, and in fact some of our clients choose to work the steps in conjunction with our program, we knew that we needed to offer an alternative program for our clients. We firmly believe that what works is what should be used, and that every person’s journey is different. However, at Centered Recovery, our holistic program emphasizes understanding your own psychological process to cultivate and enjoy good mental health for a lifetime--not just an emphasis on sobriety or abstaining from alcohol or drugs. 

Centered Recovery has its own proprietary program–a robust educational and skills building curriculum based on Evidence Based recovery practices such as MBSR, MBRP, and dialectical behavioral therapy. It is all packaged in a fun, engaging program that is often described as “stimulating discussions between friends” and is led by group facilitators who are highly trained in both the subject material as well as teaching to a diverse group of clients. Your recovery should be interesting as much as useful!

Not all programs are created equal

While there may be other programs which claim to be non 12 step or even holistic, not all programs are created equal! Some may utilize experiential services such as massage or acupuncture which can help alleviate physical symptoms in early recovery, but are not a replacement for true recovery of balanced mental, physical, and emotional health that is essential to long-lasting success. Frankly, you can get yoga and massages just about anywhere, but when it comes to saving your own life through lasting, proven addiction recovery, Centered Recovery is the place to be. 

If you would like more information about our non 12 step recovery program, call Reed at 800.556.2966.