Looking for Suboxone?

Looking for Suboxone Treatment?

Do You Offer Suboxone? 

If you are in the Atlanta metro area and are looking for suboxone treatment for opiate addiction, you may not know where to turn. Centered Recovery Programs is an outpatient, mindfulness based, non-12 step recovery program, and we offer educational and executive tracks for clients who may not have an addiction issue but know they need something more to help access their highest level of mental and physical health. 

While Centered Recovery does not offer Suboxone Treatment or any other Medication Assisted Treatment at our facility, here are the top ranked facilities in the metro Atlanta are that do.

Top Ranked Suboxone Clinics in Atlanta 

From their website: If you struggle with opioid addiction and want to break the habit, the experienced family medicine providers have an effective solution at iClinic Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia. Isla Marrero, NP, and Ibrahim Opaleye, MD, offer Suboxone® medication to reduce symptoms of opiate addiction and withdrawal associated with using heroin or prescription painkillers. To learn more about Suboxone treatment and determine if addiction treatment is right for you, call the iClinic Atlanta office today or use the online booking tool.

From their website:Convenient and Confidential. Our extremely convenient addiction treatment program makes your recovery a priority. Our program only requires a once a month in- office visit, as we understand many of our patients are working and have families and responsibilities at home. We respect and value your time, and we ensure that your treatment is completely confidential.

From their website: Why see us? Because you want to get your life back on track.  Because I listen to you and answer your questions. Our goal is to help you regain control and return to normal functioning. You have problems with medications, with opioids, with sleep, with energy.  The goal is to have a quality of life that pleases you without the daily worries about getting what you need to feel OK. I help you decide whether Suboxone is right, and whether you should use it very briefly, short term, or long term.

While Centered Recovery does not have Suboxone treatment in our non-12 step addiction program, we are happy to work with clients who are currently on a Suboxone treatment program as well as Suboxone providers to give their clients the outpatient addiction treatment that is desperately needed in conjunction with Suboxone for lasting success.