Sober Living Atlanta

Best Sober Living in Atlanta

Sober Living in Atlanta

Often in early recovery, a person may need an additional layer of accountability and structure in the form of sober living. While Centered Recovery does not provide sober living facilities for our clients, we do work with the top rated sober living facilities in the area, known for their comfortable accommodations and excellent staff. So what are the top rated sober living facilities in the Metro Atlanta area? 

Creekside Recovery provides sober living for both men and women in separate residences in safe and comfortable environments. Erin writes, “We absolutely love working with Creekside! They are upscale, the homes are absolutely beautiful and the team genuinely cares for each person they come in contact with. We always feel comfortable referring to them to take care of our clients!”

  • Sober Living America,

Sober Living America is a highly rated faith based sober living facility in Atlanta. Ashley’s review: “This place has saved my life. I came in not knowing who I was without drugs and Sober Living America has given me the tools to stay clean and sober and find out who the REAL ME was. I now have a full time job, drivers license, and I am going back to college. Without Sober Living America there is no telling where I would be! Thank you to the staff and to the company!!!!”

  • Stepping Stones,

Stepping Stones of Atlanta is a sober living environment for men only. Michael says, “One of the top sober living homes in Atlanta. The owner, Chris, is very hands on and genuinely cares about the people in his program. My recommendation is that you AVOID the many, many other sketchy sober living/halfway house options and go with Stepping Stones.”